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About Us


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Battle Drive: Main Vehicle

Creative Genius is an Indie games studio dedicated to developing unique, story-driven games with a Practical or Parable approach to Contextual learning, aiming to inspire and amaze others the way classic games have done for us.

Ryan Engages

We've spent years producing demos, contracting out to make proof of concepts and providing skills for other developers. With a backlog of ideas we've always wanted to launch on our own, we had to hold back as many of our concepts were simply too ambitious, but 2023 is the year of Creative Genius, as we've locked down 3 projects that are within our development scope, starting With Battle Drive which will be demoing at EGX 2023, but also keep an eye out for United They Stand updates as well as Issekai!


Workshop Table

Best Programming Practices, Core Game Design Considerations, Project Management and Planning. These are all subjects we've taught and refined for ourselves over the years, and bring to the regular streaming sessions on our Twitch Account. We stopped doing in person workshops due to Covid, but we're open to bring those back too 🙂