About Us

About Us

The Vision


Creative Genius is an Indie games studio dedicated to exploring the development of unique and original titles aimed to inspire and amaze.

Creative Genius was the moniker conceived for the production and release of “Castle Game” (now “United They Stand”). But it wasn’t until Mohammed and Clarke joined the team some years later that the studio really took shape. They entered the Dare to be Digital competition with their original concept for “Silent Symphony”.

After a hiatus while they finished university, they reformed and began work on “Starlight” which is to be the launch title for the studio. The ambitious nature of Starlight has resulted in delay on top of delay, but the greatly anticipated launch is finally within sight, and we can afford to shift our focus slightly towards refurbishing the website and improving our online presence.

With the introduction of the online gaming section and a regular news feed, we’re hoping to increase awareness of our work and build an audience so that we can share our creative genius with the world… see what I did there? 😀


The Team



The driving force behind Creative Genius, his stubborn ambition keeps the team constantly moving forward.

Originally a games designer and artist, his responsibilities across the board has left him focusing on his role as a leader and programmer, while delegating all other jobs amongst the rest of the team.



Co-Founder and lead concept designer, Mohammed is responsible for most of our original concepts, and maintaining their development, ensuring quality, consistency and maintaining their direction as they evolve.

Mohammed also heads research, and is often first to play new games and be aware of updates in the industry.



Co-Founder and lead artist, Clarke is responsible for a great deal of the artistic direction of our projects, as well as their production.

More passionate about our action and strategy games then our puzzle and platform ones; he is often working on what comes next so that we’re always heading in the right direction.



The primary artist for Starlight, responsible for almost all promotional, concept and game art for the project to date.

Her hard-work and talent has kept Starlight moving forward, even when other members of the team have been kept busy elsewhere



A senior programmer who picks up a lot of the slack when Daniel’s other responsibilities prove to be too distracting. He has developed a lot of the special abilities, controls and features within Starlight, and has already started work on the 3D version of United They Stand.

Originally a member of the Abnormal Creations team from the same generation as Creative Genius at Dare to be Digital, he brings a fresh pair of eyes, to see what other members of the team may have missed