The World is falling apart around you, but you won’t run and hide, you’ll Drive to Survive!


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Full Description

The Earth is dying, and the best of us have already escaped, but a downed Cargo Ship leaves room for a few more tickets, to whoever can safely escort the fallen McGuffin to the awaiting transport; but rare and valuable items are not the only things “Left Over”. Using your Military Grade Expedition Vehicle, take hold of the McGuffin and make your way to the launch site through Storms, Earthquakes and a world tearing itself apart, but the closer you get, the more the other left overs will notice, and they’d rather take on you than the apocalypse!

Game Details

“Battle Drive is an action heavy survival game, where you navigate a highly destructible environment, endure the hostile forces of nature and evade the desperate "Leftovers" to deliver your cargo. Built for the PC and XBox, the single player story mode offers players multiple paths to victory, through creative thinking, mechanical skills or crystal clear focus that'll help you circumvent the hell that awaits you, while multiplayer offers you the option to work with or compete against other 'Leftovers' for a chance to proceed to the next stage."