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Join Ryan, Hannah & Alex as they traverse the island of Torrian while lending each other their strengths to overcome their demons


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When Ryan’s father died trying defend his village from bandits, their retaliation left the village resentful towards the rest of his family, persecuted by their neighbours and abandoned by their lord, the mother struggled to cope and took out her frustration on Ryan. With no reason to stay, the boy fled home to seek a better way of life which almost ended abruptly when he tried to take on some bandits harassing an old lady in her home. Fortunately Noah turned up to save him, and seeing promise in the boy, ended up taking him in. This is when Ryan met Hannah, Noah’s daughter, and the two of them became entangled in a fierce rivalry for Noah’s approval. One the blood daughter with incredible skills, intelligence and discipline, and the other a boy. This created a rift not easily closed until Noah’s untimely death, which forced the two to bond over their desire to seek out his killers. On their path they meet Alex, a survivor from the Purge a few years back, when the king outlawed all mages. He had been separated from his mother, and had little chance of making it on his own. The three end up travelling together, one seeking vengeance, the another seeking answers, and one just seek a reunion. They would meet others on their quest, and lending each other their strength they would stand against all odds and achieve their goals, or die trying…

Game Details

“United They Stand (or UTS for short), is a turn based strategy game, where players more on a Hexagon grid to navigate each battlefield as well as the world map itself. The player controls numerous characters which can vary from mission to mission, but usually consist of at least 3. Time is a resource to which you can use it to gather intel, gather supplies or train your units between each engagement. Originally built for the iPad, the release version will likely be made for PC using 3D graphics.