Game Mechanics


Development Schedule

Topics Relating: Content Summary Date
Pre-Alpha: Platform Mechanics Move Jump and interact with various abilities 26th Nov, 2015
Pre-Alpha: Core Mechanics Lighting Affect September 2020
Alpha: Collision Incomplete Platform game with objects to collect obstruct or jump on top of. October 2020
Pre-Alpha: Point Projection Control where the point is placed based on the position of the object that will be the basis of the shadow projection mechanic October 2020
Alpha: Fear and Panic Keep Timothy in the Light. His Health falls while in darkness and he panics at 0%. Some items restore courage but being in the light is not enough (switch on alternate light sources that turn off after a delay). 2021
Alpha: Shadow Projection Use light sources to project shadows that Timothy can Interact with 2021
Beta: Altair Overrides Objects that override Altair’s controls from reflective surfaces to open circuits and electrical conductors 2021