Brawling Ryan
Battle Drive: Main Vehicle

Work with Timothy Brave and Altair the shooting star to gather the fallen pieces of the Sun and undo the Eternal Night


Control two unique characters

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Utilise Altair’s Array of Powers

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Manipulate Shadows to your advantage


Overcome the Night Terrors


Full Description

When the Sun shatters and the pieces fall to the earth, the world is sent into an eternal night. While the adults struggle to keep the lights on, young Timothy Brave finds himself alone and afraid; staring out his window at the sparkling sky, he makes a wish on a shooting star, and unexpectedly the star comes to him. Altair is its name and he wants to make a deal. In exchange protecting Timothy from the darkness, Altair wants him to help gather up the pieces of the Sun so that they can be returned to the Sky. Hesitant at first, Timothy finds himself comforted by the warm embrace of Altair’s aura, and he resolves himself to face his fears and go on this adventure with his new friend. Now the two must work together to traverse the chaotic world of Eternal Night, find the pierces of the Sun and quite literally, save the day!

Game Details

Designed for the iPad, this single player game requires you to control two different characters in unique ways to ensure that they work together to solve a series of puzzle and explore multiple levels in this platform adventure.