Link to the Joint DropBox   Restoration: The (Original) Pitch — "Give life, take life" We wanted to design a game built purely round the concept of life vs death, and good vs evil, giving the player an environment to experience both the pleasures and miseries of both. The player controls a young figure who has a unique power to heal. The goal of the game is to bring new life to a dying world. This amalgamates in the form of exploring an aging environment and locating specific dying entities (people or otherwise) in need of the player's powers. You perform a restoration act, giving us a chance to render the world in a new perspective, and reflect the emotion of altruism in the form of musical and visual changes. Conversely, we would be exploring an evil character doing the reverse around the map at the same time. Every so often, a darkness hits an area a little farther away from you… exploring what has happened leaves you with anxieties and mysteries… that as you complete your restorations, someone else is equally setting out to achieve the opposite – corruptions. The hook of the experience is, as you transfer life to people in need, your player becomes slightly older and weaker. The message here is about the transfer of life, you give life, you take life. Restorations will enable the player to experience the Sublime through contrast. If the majority of his explorative experiences are very neutral, then moments where we overwhelm him with new colour and harmony will achieve this aforementioned overwhelming sensation. music is a transitional function, gluing the changes from restoration to exploration to corruption. sample ideo for inspiration   Creative Genius Proposed Structure: Two characters start from two adjacent locations. You only see one, the main character (the light giver) on a village high up on a mountain, cliff or very large hill. Across a valley or an abyss of cloud, you can see the other village, just on the horizon, just enough to see smoke rising from fires or an ambience of darkness on the otherwise bright horizon. As you do good in your village in brightens, but equally the opposite is happening on the other end, getting darker where yours gets lighter, fire and smoke instead of cheers and praise. You set off down a path to which you have freedom to explore at your own pace, but simultaneously the dark one is on his own parallel path. These two paths draw near to each other, with a significant and noticeable change whenever you draw near to your nemesis. But at least twice the collision is a near miss, once with you passing over a Valley on a bridge while he passes through the valley underneath, again can be as you approach a river and can see as the river thins the darkness spreading on the other side thickens, the music grows louder and more disturbing, but just as it seems it is time to cross, a waterfall appears, the water becomes rapids, and the bridge to cross is struck down by lightning, and you must make your way to the bottom of the waterfall, where you can see the final destination from a distance. The whole time you're climbing down, the music should portray the constant increase in danger and suspense, as your draw nearer to your foe. How it ends exactly can be decided later, but details on the journey include a focus on scenery with changing camera angles to emphasise this. The scenes should change overtime, perhaps with the seasons too, starting in Spring and ending in winter. Key points in the journey have points to do good, starting with something like healing sick people in the village, moving on to something like lighting up dark caves or paths, guiding travellers through the darkness. Penultimately you could heal a decaying tree that is corrupting the forest and killing the plant life, turning a dying forest into something beautiful and artistic. This leads to the final path. Though graphically it should be much better, the style can be like Prometheus, but third person to emphasise the character design and his interaction with the environment better

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