Final fantasy VII

My first experience into the world of RPGs; this game was inspirational and just amazing to epic proportions. Never before did a game astound me in sheer ‘epicness’ and depth of story, teamed with the most enjoyable gameplay. Legend of Dragoon and Final Fantasy X came close (except Tidus annoyed me a lot).  It was fun the first time I played it and every other time I played it after that.  

Legend of Dragoon

Cannot rightly remember when I first played this game but my brother bought it and introduced me to it and it was truly glorious. It was fun and different from the normal RPGs of those times yet still similar enough that one is not distracted by it. Story was brilliant and combat was engaging and kept you on your toes all the time (even though you wanted to throw your controller at the TV many times). If you want to play a retro RPG give this game a try. (horrible, horrible trailers. Never before have I seen such horrible trailers for a game, do not use them as a reference to the game).  

Counterstrike series

The Counterstrike series was my first introduction into the FPS genre, from the first reiteration to the new Globe Offensive; I have played them all and enjoyed them (mostly). It was a difficult learning curve for me having never played any other FPS at that time but that did not stop me enjoying myself and getting good. Most FPS of today are very different from this version of FPS gaming and I believe it was and still is a good starting point into the world of First Person Shooters.

Max Payne 1

Just having bullet time made me fall in love with this game from only watching the trailers. After playing it, I quickly decided that it was one of the best games I had ever played. It had a deep story, was extremely atmospheric and being able to jump into bullet time at any time did not hurt at all (bullet time was everything). Max Payne 2 and 3 were awesome too, but the original MP will always have the best memories for me as it was the first one.

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