XCOM: Enemy Unknown

I never thought one could enjoy something that fills someone with as much frustration and hatred as this game does but it is a very enjoyable game. Anyone who enjoys strategy games should play it, everyone else should still play for the experience.

League of Legends

Was bored and wanted to play something new and came across this game and it was an instant hit. Introduced it to Daniel and now he is totally addicted to it. Apart from the loathing for stupid teams you will get, if you want to play an enjoyable game and not spend any money, you should give this a go.

Lost Odyssey

This is probably the only RPG I loved to play since FFX, there are many modern RPGs that have really good stories but the game play is so horrible it just is not playable. The Lost Odyssey story is amazing and the turn-based combat system makes this one of the best modern day RPGs and anyone who is tired of all the RPGs out now should give this game a go.

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