Here is a list of the games I am looking forward to for the brilliant year of 2014, from AAA titles to MMORPG’s, and I’ll be adding what I know of these games, as I know more about them   Titanfall: In my opinion, the next generation of FPS’s is finally here, and not too soon either, since the new Halo franchise was delayed in it’s release (disappointingly not being an XBox One launch title), and after the 11th or so CoD game has even forced the rather mellow Battlefield to get into the “once a year” release mechanism that will burn out the franchise at three times the rate as they struggle to come up with new ideas or give the player reasons to spend another £50 or so… Anyway, I digress, my point is, Titinfall isn’t just new, but it looks like it could really mix things up for the FPS market and I’m looking forward to seeing just how much.   Watchdogs: Immediately the most impressive game I have seen in a very long time, and that’s not to say the best or the most visual, but simply put, impressive. Out of all the big games announced for the next generation consoles, I don’t think any generated the kind of hype that Watchdogs did, or the amount of disappointment at its seamlessly endless launch delays, but I do believe it will be worth the wait. It has all the technical and explorative features of a Sci-fi cross over with an RPG, but with the open world freedom that’s offered by the GTA series, without any of the nonsensical violence that put me off of the franchise.   Thief: To be honest, Thief just looks cool, and though unrelated in style to “Heist”, reminds me of our upcoming concept greatly, though I see more “Hissatsu” game mechanics rearing their head in there, but that’s all I’m gonna say on the matter.    

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