Brawling Ryan
Battle Drive: Main Vehicle

Repair a city frozen in subspace with nothing but your stasis emitter and your engineering skills


Solve Complex Problems

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Contain Disasters

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Manipulate objects in space


Explore dangerous facilities


Full Description

Sealed off from the dangerous of the outside world, Salvo City became a safe haven and metropolis of advanced technology. Unfortunately, in an attempt to further reduce their day-to-day struggles, scientists tried to exploit their shield generator, inverting its affects and sealing themselves away in stasis. As the engineer behind the technology, it is now up to you alone to protect the city from a series of mechanical failures, and that which the shields were meant to keep out…

Game Details

“Stasis is a physics based puzzle game, where you manipulate the forces and states of objects in your environment to solve puzzle and prevent catastrophes. Built for the PC and XBox, the single player story mode promotes creative thinking through a series of challenges with multiple solutions and an open world you can explore to your pleasure.”