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Ryan and Hannah

United They Stand

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Position your team of characters strategically on a grid battlefield to overcome otherwise impossible odds and impassible obstacles.



Face a variety of enemies from wild wolves to bandits.

Solve mysteries and explore the map.

Earn gold, hunt for food and fend for your team as they traverse the island.


Character Development:

Every character has a role, and within their role a unique skill tree, which allows you to develop them differently in each play through, from front-line brawler to defensive duelist.



United They Stand is a tactical RPG split into two main modes.
– Combat mode takes place on a Hexagon grid, where your assembled team who take turns each round to move or attack according to their speed, will fight varying opponents of sometimes smaller but usually greater number.
– Exploration mode still takes place on a grid, but no longer in rounds, you move from region to region, with chance encounters against wildlife, bandit ambushes, or even mini-quests




Target Platform:

A demo has already been built for the iPad, but we are currently testing how a 3D PC version would feel