UTS: Chronicles

United They Stand


3D Gameplay Demo



Misery Loves Company

Ryan leaving home

With his father murdered by bandits, and his brother executed by nobility, Ryan sees no reason to remain in his home village, and sets off to seek something… different
He runs into Noah, who takes him in as his apprentice, and shows that there is still something worth aspiring towards

Daughter to Noah, the legendary knight, Hannah dreamt of becoming a warrior he could be proud of, but lacked the courage to go against his perception of her as the dutiful daughter.
Instead, she trained secretly as a hunter, and became a local urban myth; deadly with a bow and fully capable of watching her own back, she feels Ryan to be more of a rival then a member of the family.

Hannah on the hunt

Alex is alone

Torrian was meant to be an escape from the witch hunters, but it turned out to be another trap, and this time only Alex escaped. Alone and lost, he has no idea what he will do, but he knows that he must figure out some way to save his mother.
When he is taken in by Ryan and Hannah, he eventually trusts them with his secret, and together they set out on a hopeless mission with a righteous cause.