Twilight Chronicles


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Twilight Chronicles tells the story of Yugata Yoake (dusk, dawn) nicknamed Twilight, and how one bad decision leads to an array of catastrophes. Only a mini-game designed to show the combat system and intro to the main story, Twilight Chronicles was a great testing ground for controls, abilities and AI alike.


Meet iconic characters who were privileged enough to be a part of this heroes story; those that helped him and those that he helped.

Antricia Sprites

Rock Jolem

Face off against various enemies and bosses, not all of which made it into the alpha, but if I we ever decide to add it to the online section, you’ll be seeing them all make an appearance.

Creep front

Yugata front

At the time, memory limitations meant a lot of art went unused, but non of it was thrown away, here you can see just some of the original concepts

Yugata back


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