Tutorial Events

Task List



Task No: Task Heading Duty Content Summary Date Set Status
Task 1 Key / Layout Daniel => Mo Creating some kind of key or consistent layout plan will help track the different types of events. Photoshop is good for this, but I know illustrator can too using layers. By putting “tutorial prompts” on one layer, “obstacles” on another layer, “cutscenes” next and “speech bubbles” last, we can go through the elements easily within the same file, rather than having many. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 2 Obstacles Daniel => Mo The first layer should be Obstacles. All game objects should be highlighted in some way, I am thinking a circle with 30% translucency, with different colours depending on object type. Red can be obstacles, puzzles to be solved, with a number and annotations on the side explaining how they are an obstacle, and what the player can do to get around them. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 3 Collectable/Challenge Daniel => Mo The only other interactive game object that comes to mind is collectables. These can be separated into objective and challenge, but for now, making a yellow circle for challenges, and a green one for objective is fine. The objective for the tutorial is the exit, and any objects that NEED to be collected in order to progress. The challenges are objects in different places, where the annotations should explain the best way to reach them, whether it be exploration using Altair’s light, or having to walk up a shadow. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 4 Prompts Daniel => Mo & Daniel This one is important, as we will need to determine when and how the player is prompted to continue or interact with controls. It is likely we will have to create a new file for this, as certain prompts will require additional images, though it is possible to overlay the tutorial scene with them, just on a separate layer. These include arrows, flashing highlighters, after images, but the actual images used will need to be discussed in detail too. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 5 Speech bubbles Daniel => Mo This is considered a bonus feature and is not important in the greater scheme of things, but if not implemented properly in the design phase, it will likely not reach the game at all. The programmers don’t have time to mess around and backtrack because other jobs weren’t done properly. This is simply marking where the player has to be, annotated by what they have to be doing in order to trigger special interactions like conversations. This should include what is said and by whom, and if the event is not triggered by location, it should be added as a special conditional note, because we need to program this early or it will be much harder to figure out how to add it after the game is built 20/02/2016 Pending

This is a description of the various tasks that should have been completed before programming of the Alpha even began (during the pre-alpha stage). However, doing them now while the programmers are working on the engine and UI means they are still easier to add, but we CAN’T start the Beta development while the design is incomplete, I will just work on something else.