Creative Genius is an Indie games studio dedicated to exploring the development of unique and original titles aimed to inspire and amaze. Creative Genius was the moniker conceived for the production and release of “Castle Game” (now "United They Stand"). But it wasn't until Mohammed and Clarke joined the team some years later that the studio really took shape. They entered the Dare to be Digital competition with their original concept for “Silent Symphony”. After a hiatus while they finished university, they reformed and began work on “Starlight” which is to be the launch title for the studio. The ambitious nature of Starlight has resulted in delay on top of delay, but the greatly anticipated launch is finally within sight, we can shift our focus slightly towards refurbishing the website and improving our online presence. With the introduction of the online gaming section and a regular news feed, we’re hoping to increase awareness of our work and build an audience so that we can share our progress and excitement with everyone. Left Screen: The original Pages Middle Screen: The Pages I am working on Right Screen: Content and current Layout minimised: Redundant pages that I can delete soon - or update with the most up-to-date versions of the code - I can create posts of these features, both for my Portfolio and future reference. - things like table layout, custom gallery, custom slideshow, games pages, etc Bugs: - Starlight Page: main link, without pressing/hovering, goes to "stasis" page Jobs: (Week of Monday 11th Jan) - First: About Us - Second: Games Pages - Third: Delete redundant pages - Fourth: Test form entries and save data - Fifth: Address the rest of the todo list (core pages) - Sixth: Discuss with team requirements (art assets, contributions, Clarkes CV) - Seventh: Update team sections (Week of Monday 18th Jan) - Eigth: Clean up Starlight (just core bits and tidy before showing team the progress) - Ninth: Clean up the online gaming section (current bugs and missing content) - General Work (Week of Monday 25th Jan) Pick one: - Hissatsu - Starlight - Sound Bound - Get to da Choppa Note: If I create a website "div" using css, I shouldbe able to create a standardwebsite size to universaly scale all elements on te website. Then I can change this div and other elements if the screen size changes, but it should create consistency to the people with different monitors andresolutions Home page - add table to bottom - A table of 4 containing summeries or latest content from the above slide show About Us - update with Charlotte's improvements - add visuals - Backdoor link to team work page? News: - Update with relevant news and links - Main slide link doesn't update - or updates to go to same page Games: - Tones of work - But add Gallery of Galleries, or links to Galleries somewhere on the page - Game aside: Gallery and return to main page Gallery: - Should link to their associated pages - Needs new galleries Forums: - Get forms working - Try to get scoreboards or some kind of save data - Implement premade forums - Clean up the layout/text Contact Us: - Clean up - Add hyper links to text - add hyperlink images to main mediums (using aside) Facebook, Twitter, Youtube - Add remaining mediums to the bottom or something (LinkedIn, Dare, Kickstarter, etc) Team Collaboration: - Update each section - Clean up content - Add the missing sections - Add input and links to Trello Page - Forward to the rest of the team