Starlight Task List

Milestones for project completion



Task No: Task Heading Duty Content Summary Date Set Status
Task 1 Art Extraction Daniel => Clarke The tutorial level illustrator file inside the dropbox has almost every object we need, but they need to be exported as individual objects. This can be done by saving them into an empty file (to make sure its clean) or by selecting the object and right-click export, though you wont know if theres an anomaly right away (like additional object selected, or part missing)” 19/02/2016 Pending
Task 2 Level Modification Daniel => Sarah I will probably do the main edits myself, but it will require -cleaning- after. It will involve removing game objects, removing closed doors (unless meant to be closed), making open doors and pathways through walls. Other minor edits may be needed which is why its best I do them quickly myself, then have them fixed by Sarah” 19/02/2016 Pending
Task 3 Event Triggers Daniel => Mohammed This involves using the complete tutorial as a template, and marking all the points where events occur (tutorial prompts, speech bubbles, puzzles, cutscenes). I will probably have to add details after, but Mo knows the game design and should be able to do the bulk himself” 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 4 Community Management Daniel => Charlotte (All) This involves a number of things, but priority goes to sifting through the website and online profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, Kickstarter) and looking out for old art, broken links, outdated statements/marketing and most of all any promises or guarantees, like release dates, currently working on, etc, that are no longer true. Charlotte is gonna be helping me with all the elements of Community management, but the part I just mentioned can be done by anyone by just looking at the different pages and sending me a message if they see something wrong. Any suggestions you have should be sent to: 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 5 Engine Upgrade Daniel => Dean The current project -Works- but before we take the next step, I want it to work well, so we need to take our amateur engine to the professional level (lower pro, also known as -journeyman). This is best done by doing a Platform game Tutorial in Xcode, reverse engineering it, and comparing their practices to ours. It gets pretty technical after that, so in short, we just need a complete project to our incomplete one” 18/02/2016 Pending
Task 6 User Interface Daniel => Daniel Using the -Preview- that can be seen on the other page, I will create a mini-project that will show the key controls and user interface. It will mainly be a point of reference, to see how big Timothy is compared to the screen size and other objects, but it will also help remain aware of Altairs light range, the UI objects and how clean or cluttered the screen will look.” 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 7 Project Management Daniel Originally Business maintenance, but I realised that was too huge a responsibility and putting it up here was a waste, so I’ve focussed on just one element of business management so you can all see what I’m up to outside of development 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 8 Sorting Daniel || Volunteers One huge job that I will probably have to do myself, involves going into a folder in the drop box I am going to make that will have every single Art Asset (at least Starlight) that I can find, sifting through them to find duplicates, opening them to check which is newest and if there are differences, deleting the duplicates and separating the “unnecessary” for further review. It has to be done eventually, but with all the other jobs to be done, I’ve been putting it off 23/02/2016 Pending

After reducing my task-list to 7, I figured it would take 6 weeks to get through them, but with help, we could be done in 4 days. I know its sudden, but it’ll be another week before I can get started on my own, and to be honest, if I’m gonna do this alone, I may as well do something I “CAN” do alone like the RAD Projects, and put our mainstream projects on ice.