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Traverse the Starlight universe with Timothy and Altair, collecting the fallen pieces of the Sun, until they can finally be returned to the sky.



Timothy is obstructed by areas of low light, physical objects, fearful images, and unknown events (sounds, flashes, etc) that occur within the darkness.

Altair is obstructed by reflective surfaces, his power weakens with any contact with water and he is pulled in by live cables and other darker energy sources you encounter throughout the game.


Character Development:

As the game progresses, Timothy is able to do more daring things, and stay in the darkness longer periods of time before panicking.

As Altair takes in star shards, he gains abilities, similar to those of the Sun throughout the different stages of its life cycle (e.g. Red Giant, Supernova, Neutron Star). The different powers have different effects on the environment, which allow Timothy to do different things as well.



Starlight is not just a standard adventure game; it is composed of real-time reactions to events and puzzle-solving elements. Timothy and Altair must gather the fallen pieces of the Sun and eventually return it to the sky, but Timothy doesn’t just fear the darkness, he makes it “real” allowing him to interact with shadows, and even dropping into panic attacks if they are too threatening. This makes him dependent on Altair, who can freely manipulate the shape of the darkness, casting light onto various objects and projecting shadows across the walls while awakening new powers to affect the environment in different ways. However, Altair has his own weaknesses, unlike Timothy he cannot move or touch solid objects, and reflective surfaces and flowing water repel or weaken him, so Timothy must clear paths, find alternate routes and even face the darkness in order to help Altair progress.




Target Platforms:

We intend to launch Starlight over a variety of platforms over time, in order they go as follows: 



This is our intended launch platform, using the bigger screen to get the most out of the unique gameplay, we believe that it will best show off the scope and range of the characters abilities.



We will launch a smaller version of the app onto the smaller devices, but with a smaller screen, there is likely to be some limitations on controls and touch mechanics, and we may have to redesign some features, we are currently looking into this, and hoping to launch the game on both platforms at the same time.



After gauging the success and demand for the game after launch, we will see whether it’s worth building an android version. We’ll wait a few months before we decide to move forward.


Nintendo 3DS

This game has a great deal of potential, and no console will bring out as much as the Nintendo DS family, so we hope to launch it on that platform after all the DLC is released.