Olympia, a land where sportsmanship is honour, and perseverance is strength, where the strive for improvement and attaining the perfect version of yourself is the dream of every man, woman and child alike, but this story isn’t about Olympia.

Liberia, where life is an adventure, and dreams are life, and determination is the basis to which ones character is determined, but this story isn’t about Liberia either.

No, this story is about the third great nation, a land of artistic expression and cultural development, where music is magic and colour is life. A place where artists go to shine and perform and converse on the ways of the world. Away from the prestige of Orchestra, the scholars of Crescendo and the freedom and diversity of Harmony, so far from the eyes of the world, one boy will learn, that he holds the key, the secret, that could change the world as he knows it, and maybe, just maybe, he can even save it…

…Welcome, to the land of Symphony



Tago Nipstro, a boy with an unusual gift to see what others cannot. Synesthesia, a rare condition in which one can see the colour of sound, with it, Tago’s master sees a potential unlike any other that has come before him, but first he must drill the basics into the boy. Naturally quiet and socially awkward, Tago accepts this opportunity to stand out and finally prove that he is someone, and overcome his own lack of confidence. In doing so, he agrees to enter Prelude, a small island and training grounds for those that wish to learn the secrets of magic through music, but just as he feels that he is making progress, the absence of his master becomes apparent, as does the absence of anything else as he makes his was back to town, only to encounter a creature of pure fear. A being, capable of stealing the very colour and through it, the life of all that it approaches, with a slight exception. Tago’s body is frozen from just letting the creature draw to near to him, and his basic magic is his only defence. It is ineffective at first, but he sees a pattern in the colour of his magic and the effect it has on the creature, and quickly figures out a way to ward it off. He regains his freedom of movement, and once his illuminant recharged, he was even able to finish the creature off.

Now knowing that something has obviously gone wrong, he rushes to his masters home in Overture, but the little village is in ruin and he can barely make his way through it. The streets are silent and the walls are grey, with the absence of colour and sound alike, he takes it upon himself to track down the hidden creatures and restore the town to its former self, hoping to gain some clues as to what is happening, and upon succeeding he realises, that this is barely the beginning.

He discovers that his master has already fled the town to rush to the capitol city of Orchestra to convene with the other great maestros. With what Tago has learnt so far, he feels that he has something of value to offer, and begins to track his master, starting with a stop at his masters’ home, picking up supplies and trading his basic training flute with an apprentice one. He turns his back on Overture and plots his route to the closest town. Melody awaits, and Tago’s real journey now begins!


Original Game Screen Shots







The original Silent Symphony is a produced by “Creative Genius” the team, lead by Omar Morrison the mechanics programmer and assistant designer with the rest of the team which included the Concept Designer Mohammed Masri, The lead artist Clarke Lewis, The lead programmer Daniel Leaver and the animator Patrick Thomas Griffiths.


Dare To Be Digital 2010 Protoplay Interview

It was conceptualised for “Dare to be Digital 2010” where the original team (Omar, Mohammed and Clark) added two more members to their team (Patrick and Daniel) to enter the competition. During the Protoplay stage, we were advised several times that an iPad version of the game would be amazing, and after some research the rest of the team agreed, so the Omar continued to develop the title, fixing bugs in the original, and then working on producing a 2D version for the iPad

New Technical Demo



Original Artwork: Both Technical and Conceptual

Some of our earlier designs and characters haven’t had a chance to make an appearance into the prototypes, but they are not forgotten!





Silent Symphony




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