Silent Symphony

Total Revamp


Silent Symphony Revamp: Tago was training to be an athlete but was finding it hard. When his coach asked him why he kept spacing out, Tago said that he found all of the colours distracting. Realising what it was that was causing this problem, he recommended an old acquiantence have a look. The Grand Maestro recognised the signs of Synesthesia, a rare gift that was often misconstrude as an ailment. He told Tago that he had the potential to be a great Maestro himself one day, if he wished to take up magic. Tago was hesitant at first, but the Grand Maestro said that as long as he saw these colours, any sport he participated in would be very hard, but in music, he would have an edge over all the rest, and would be able to make sense of this madness. The Maestro began playing a song, and suddenly the random colours began to follow a pattern than mesmorised him. His headaches subsided and he could appreciate the beauty of his gift for the first time. From that moment Tago knew that this was the path he must take. Prelude: One must first learn how their magic affects the world around them, and how to use it responsibly. The three primary spells govern a certain element in nature. The magic he sees as yellow produces kinectic energy governs solid matter, pushing away physical mass The magic he sees as red produces heat and governs gasses, ambiently producing waves of air The magic he sees as blue produces cold and governs liquid, ambiently producing frost and ice Temple of Earth, Sky (Sun) and Sea When Timothy plays music on the magic flute, he creates a wave the eminates out from him, casting the ambient affect on anything it touches. (With pitch control he can focus the wave into a line to better aim the affect). His old athletic training makes him quite nimble, his walk quickly turns into a run (as long as he's not playing music), and he can roll accross the floor while running to quickly relocate. Climbing is also easy for him, being able to scale a multitude of sufaces. By overlapping sounds, new abilities can be created. While rapidly pressing one key then another migh work, he later learns the correct way to play two different pitches at once. Orange: generates energy, charging up conduites and having a much greater heat value then red (plasma) Green: generates life energy, causing growths that can root nearby objects or stabalize them, or cause pre-existing plants to grow considerably Purple: Generates a cloud (thick fog), that can activate another affect when hit by another spell. - red = mirage/crackling earth and steam - blue = rain - yellow = lightning The Ambient skill allows Tago to draw Illuminant from nature. Running water grants blue illuminant wind grants red shifting/colliding matter grants yellow rain grants green (a bit of both primarys) rustling leaves and burning matter grants orange steam, thunder, grants purple so purple magic can be used to recharge? By using special runes to draw magic from all of nature, special magic can be cast with complex combinations. Songs played at the end of a cave often grant abilities, can lead to teleportation and other affects. Some of these spells Tago can cast using his own illuminant at higher levels. These changes makes Silent Symphony less puzzle, more action adventure (which typically has puzzles anyway). The gameplay is faster and more action orientated, but the creativity of the original concept is maintained. In this way, it will play more like early Zelda games or Bastion, and we have more freedom with the shikigami too. Shikigami cast magic of a single colour. They are all white, so the only way to know is by having acute hearing (recognizing the key) or Tagos Synesthesia, which is much faster. They will repel attacks based on their magic (red repels mist or frost spells). and if you draw too close, they will absorb sound, blocking you magic (except the one they cast perhaps) Can still mix up the types, except they are all white now. Maybe some cast magic and others only absorb it, so positioning becomes a big part of gameplay, not just choice in spell or use of environment. Crushing them with earth or washing them away is also legit, and they can be confused by illusions or low visibility just like animals OP the shorthand for a Moba Mo and Daniel came up with called "Over Powered" where the characters are intentionally ridiculously strong. For the sake of different perspective, I tend to think of characters abilities and gameplay in a Moba Scenario, and will refer to that as the OP version OP Timothy: Q = Yellow magic area knock back (also affects terrain - causing solid projectiles that deal high damage) W = Red magic area heat damage that slows approaching units, and creates a momentary shield (ignites traps) (teemo's shrooms, shacos jacks, nidalee and caitlins traps are triggered and become flames) E = blue magic creates an area slow and low visibility mist (water is frozen, creating ice patches that act like bards magical journey on contact) OR: R = Dual Casting Combines the last spell cast with the next spell cast Orange magic: rejuvenating aura that harms enemies Green magic: Summons foliage from the ground - reeds (slowing traps) Purple Magic: Creates a thick fog Passive: Synesthesia: Every time an ability is cast, a pulse is created, charging Tago's mana and reducing his cooldowns Or Athletic ability: Tago builds up speed while moving. At top speed his next movement command triggers a roll in that direction. Using an ability or standing still resets his movement speed. Tago's aa is melee, at top speed he performs a flying kick and maintains his momentum. Imagine that same combat system for Regular Silent Symphony. He recharges through ambient sounds. He moves faster over time and can roll He stops moving to cast, but there is no root timer His spells are aoe skill shots, not point and click (or point to relocate) He can melee (punch and flying kick maybe), but has to be careful of when he does this, as he is not tough