Silent Symphony

The Fourth Note


This note is split into two: - The shorthand of what is accomplished - The reasoning and affect of this change In Short, I thought of the 4th colour ("tone") for Silent Symphony If black is the alcumination of all colour until it is indistinguishable and white is the absense of any colour (and brown is the primary colours together) Then the only remaining colours would be: Gold, Silver and Grey I think the best option is silver: Silver combined with yellow can create Gold, with red creates crimson with blue creates neon It naturally falls into the group without upsetting the balance You could argue that silver is essentially a fancy grey (like gold is a fancy yellow) so the fourth colour could be grey, and the same "illuminant" that would have been used to trigger silver, would be grey instead I think Silver would be better, and below I go into detail as to why: A separate spell could upgrade all the other spells (to silver - from grey, crimson, gold and neon) However, Silver from the beginning sounds more interesting and is more "appealing" The silver illuminant can be super rare, a single circle in the middle of the main 3 Meaning you can only hold one charge, and you need to save it having a super rare hard to save "grey" power doesn't sound as cool, and needing an upgrade from grey to silver, makes it even harder It's also possible to have it charge much faster than the other 3 illuminant, but still at the cost of only holding a max of one charge at a time if: Yellow: kinetic energy Red: heat energy Blue: cold/negative energy - condensation, the cold pulls water out of the atmosphere Silver: raw energy (lightning, plasma) theoretically: Orange: kinetic + heat = vibration? (or extreme heat) Green: kinetic + negative = dunno, but going with wood/life Purple: heat + cold = friction - storm other purple possibilities; gravity, slow/time, chaos But a more simplified option: Orange = vibration, weakens structures, loosens materials, triggers events Green = accellerated growth, causes plants to grow triggering varied responses Purple = cyclone, creates a wall of wind that has varied affects on different matter Gold = Creates a ball of pure light that can be further manipulated by yellow The light produced will reflect off of surfaces or be manipulated by crystal Crimson = Creates a source of extreme heat The heat will evaporate, melt or burn anything in range (ignited torches) Neon = Creates a field of condensation, attracting water and forming a damp mist The mist will create an ice patch, and even an ice slick if done while moving Silver = will create raw energy that will activate magic items and machines Since silver is different to the other 3, it charges differently too Yellow charges with physical sounds, like scraping, collisions, footsteps Red charges from the sound of energy, like wind, vibration, vocals and animal cries Blue charges from fluid sounds, like running water, splashing, rain Some maybe create mixes, like rain can be green (yellow + blue) or show yellow and blue together Rustling leaves would be yellow and red waves/ripples in the water would be red and blue Silver however, can be charged by magical achievements and special abilities Or (in addition) by the ambient energy of each. Every 3 illuminant you charge regardless of which, gives you Silver, or when you have at least one of each, you get one silver (or specifically finish charging one of each, since the last time you had a silver charge) So far, the free light, free burn and MS buff you can get from the silver upgrades might not be enough to justify such a rare power, but we'll have to test it out As the game takes shapes, we may find a need for something more to which we can play with the silver abilities to fill those gaps but we still have spells to play with too