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Silent Symphony

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- Learn the ways of music magic, and the different ways you can influence your environment with them. - Navigate the natural and unnatural dangers of the world to make your way across the continent. - Use your power of Synesthesia to understand the Shikigami's weaknesses.



- Elements and various aspects of nature will obscure your path, but the magic of music can open the way. - The shikigami, origami monsters that take many shapes will steal the colour or sound of anything the draw near to. Figure out their weak points to drive them back. - Special Shikigami and obstacles cannot be defeated by regular spells, sealing routes and creating barriers, disposing of them is vital to continuing. Fortunately there are a variety of mini-games, advanced spells and neat tricks to overcome these opponents too.


Character Development:

Tago’s magic is limited to his Illuminant, an energy source he naturally gathers from nature over time, or special rune pads.

By completing special tasks and finding Cosmic Scores, Timothy can permanently increase his Illuminant, and even learn new abilities and unique spells.

Eventually learn to play songs on the flute to cast unique spells, or combine keys to fuse basic spells together, to create entirely new abilities!



Silent Symphony is an adventure puzzle game like no other. See the world from a completely unique perspective, explore parts of the continent no other can reach, creatively use music and colour to solve problems or just to create dazzling affects for their beauty alone.

Despite the ambient feel of the game and freedom to be creative, you can still have excitement in the form of fast paced decision based battles against the Shikigami, challenging mini-games and racing against the clock to solve complex puzzles or even just to avoid the horde!




Target Platforms:

We originally built Starlight for PC and Xbox, but are currently reworking it for iPad and other mobile devices: 


We hope the game has enough success to justify building it for the Nintendo Platforms, as a Wii or DS version would be truly amazing!