Silent Symphony


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Where music is magic and colour is life!



The Wish

Silent Symphony is a land where music is magic and colour is life, so for Tago Nipstro, the boy who can see sound as colour, he is in a unique position to master the ways of the Maestro.
Recognizing this, his master, the Grand Maestro, sends him to the small island of Prelude to perfect his magical music skills.

After barely grasping the basics, disaster strikes. Sound and colour are slowly drained from the atmosphere as weird creatures approach.
With his synesthesia, Tago can see the nature of this threat and is able to ward it off.

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Fearing the worst, he rushes him to find out more, only to discover that the threat is already widespread.
His master has already left to convene with the other Maestro to combat these monsters. With his unique understanding of how they work, Tago is sure that he will be of help, and immediately sets off after his master to help save a now silent Symphony.