Project Management



Task No: Task Heading Duty Content Summary Date Set Status
Task 1 Website Management Daniel I’ve put this first because a lot of the other jobs I have will utilise the website as a tool/asset, therefore making sure it works and is up-to-date is an important part of my job. Right now it’s split between development on the HTML sections, the website itself (focussing on Forums), and these info/update sections I’ve been adding recently. PS because it’s basically the same, I’ll add drop box management here too 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 2 People Management Daniel Figuring out who can do what and assigning jobs is the easy part of this role. Communicating this information is a little tricker, as each of you has different preferred methods, so while I may text, email, phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, Curse or Skype, I will usually reference either the drop box or this updates section, alone with links to quickly access changes and news. Chasing everyone is also becoming a bit of a task. It always has been, but I tend to try, then give up and things don’t get done, so I’m taking a more aggressive approach now where I will stay on people’s cases until I know they at least have read news or updates concerning them 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 3 Business Maintenance Daniel I originally removed this because it was too large a scope to summarise, but I’ll give it a try in saying simply this. It involves keeping the company alive so that we can keep working. Renewing licences, meeting legal requirements, handling finances/expenses and also trying to expand resources. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 4 Resource/File Management Daniel This is a simple yet important one, as it involves ascertaining what we have at our disposal (including skills which goes under people management), but most urgently at the moment is “space”. We have many files and storage devices with different assets and projects on, many of which are duplicates as opposed to some which are backups. I have to go through thousands of files over time, deleting the duplicates and sorting files to make them easier to access and reference when the time comes. This is made especially hard as new assets are coming in and I haven’t had the time to sort through the old ones yet, which is why I’ll often reorganise things like the drop box or ask for files to kept by you or sent again as I’ve lost track of older ones. I’ll eventually get it under wraps, but for now I’ll need some patience, and help taking care of my other jobs so I can dedicate time to ones like these. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 5 Events, timeline and Schedule Daniel This breaks down into key milestones in our production timeline, events like eurogamer or Christmas that could affect development or act as deadlines, and calculating how long jobs should take, and how long I predict they will take, and trying to work around these figures. This is really hard, and our personal schedules are all different, so it’s hard to synchronise and remain organised, but I’m hoping with tools like these pages, it’ll be easier to keep track of everyone’s jobs and how quickly they get them done, therefore getting better timeline estimates 20/02/2016 Pending

This is a list of my other responsibilities outside of development, and dealing with the other roles that aren’t not my responsibility but I end up dealing with anyway. I understand it already so I won’t explain much here, this page is mostly so others can see what I’m up to, especially when I’m offline and not in direct communication with anyone