Over Powered

Character Ideas


Starlight 3D: Kingdom Hearts style movement where you aim Altair like a FPS and camera separately Reveals darkness for a fixed distance Casts shadows - which Timothy can interact with Starlight: OP Timothy Passive: Altair: Altair follows timothy maintaining his courage bar - Timothy's speed scales with his courage bar, if it hits zero timothy is rooted - Altair's aura reveals all units inside it (including brush) and deals low DOT - Timothy can freely position Altair who ignore unit collision - Altair remains active even if Timothy passes out Tangeable Fear: Shadows cast by Altairs aura are solid, blocking movement but also projectiles Q: Glare Altair compresses his aura, but amplifies it in one direction, casting a long range beam This beam hurts the first champion hit and temporarily roots any caught in the shadow behind This beam can be used on obstacles too W: Flare Altair releases a slow moving projectile that duplicate his aura with double the DOT Flare weakens with each target hit, and has a small explosion on enemy champions It stops when aura runs out, and does high damage with direct hit note - auras undo shadows and therefore you can't hit a rooted target E: Red Giant Altair explodes in a huge radius, with an ambient orange glow his Dot is doubled and the aura shrinks until he returns to normal Altair can't move while in this state or cast other abilities If Timothy passes out while Red Giant is active, it becomes neutron star The aura is larger than normal as is the DOT R: Super Nova Altair's aura and DOT is quadroupled his aura now heals allies and maxes Timothys courage regardless of range Direct contact with Super Nova deals even higher DOT damage (x8) The aura casts shadows off of objects hit If Timothy passes out while Super Nova is active, it becomes dark star Dark Star remains until Timothy revives, dealing low Dot but Massive slow in a wide area It also blackens the area (area stealth, hide)


Tago Nipstro: OP Passive: Synesthesia Tago's attacks are invisible, only he can see them All abilities create waves that Tago uses to recover Mana Q: Yellow Magic Reveals an area while healing allies (mana and hp) - Cast again for area speed boost and magic buff W: Red Magic Deals area damage - cast again for burn DOT E: Blue Magic Deals area damage followed by slow - cast again to freeze R: Melody - Focus magic in a spot create a ball of magical power - This ball changes affect depending on other spells - Immediately counts as double cast with increased scaling Combine spells for additional affects: - Green Magic: causes growth that roots enemies, while healing allies - Purple Magic: Creates a gravity field that slows and damages - Orange Magic: Creates a field that harms enemies and boosts allies AD (cleansing them with a calming aura) yellow produces a large light around self, energizes various objects (magnetizes, electrifies, etc) Red produces radiating heat field (with wind), melting or warming surfaces and burning highly flammable substances blue creates a mist pulse, dampening surfaces while cooling them, casting on water freezes secondary colours follow primary ones with rapid casting orange (red + yellow) creates a calming field It warms and lights area, and resonates after initial cast purple (red + blue) creates a draining field it slows, powers down or deactivates other objects Green (yellow + blue) creates a life energy field causes growth in plants, powers up objects and creates a glowing rune on the ground that lasts quite a while The white key cancels the regular magic and allows for unique spell casting with Melodies (these focus on a spot rather than ambiently getting released?)