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Omar Daniel Morrison

Games Developer




Developed for the iPad and potentially iPhone and iPod too, Starlight is a platform adventure game, where two characters are simultaneously controlled by the player, human child Timothy Brave, and the fallen star Altair, in a quest to repair the Sun after it shattered and the pieces fell to earth. Learn More

Lead Programmer

I Developed the engine and controls for Starlight, and most specifically the dynamic lighting, dynamic shadow projection, static shadow projection and many other core aspects, while Senior Programmer Dean Fincham introduced Altair’s powers and activation controls, and edited many other features as well. Learn More



United They Stand

Developed for the iPad, United They Stand (UTS) is a turn based strategy game, much like Twilight Chronicles, but instead of focussing on complex AI, a more simplified AI was introduced, to allow more focus to fall on the multiplayer aspects, and the team of heroes the player guides through a series of battles. Learn More

Sole Developer

I Developed the Hexagon grid, controls, interface, among many other core aspects. As it stands, I developed the entire “original” project myself, but a more advanced Unity version is currently under production, where Senior Programmer Dean Fincham, and the rest of the Creative Team are helping to provide everything the original iPad version lacked. Learn More



Silent Symphony

Reworked for the iPad, Silent Symphony is a top down adventure game, where the player controls Tago Nipstro, a boy that can see the colour of sound, in the land of Symphony, where music is magic, and colour is life. Learn More

Sole Developer

I rewrote the majority of the story (though leaving some details to the lead designer Mohammed Masri) and continued to reprogram the entire project from scratch using Objective C in Xcode. Silent Symphony is a large game with many features, so it was built using a “prototyping” development strategy, with many versions containing different elements of the greater game. Learn More



Silent Symphony: Escape The Prelude

Developed for the PC and Xbox using C# in XNA Visual Studio, Silent Symphony was a 3D platform adventure game, where everyone has the power to use music as magic, but only Tago Nipstro has the power to see the colour of sound, and using his flute along with his unique insight into enemy weaknesses, combats the Shikigami that threaten to steal both colour and music from the land of Symphony, leaving it a Silent wasteland. Learn More

Project Manager & Mechanics Programmer

I Developed the colour mixing, flute playing and magic casting of Silent Symphony. I was project manager, and had a lot of responsibilities related to people and time management, and many other tasks, but as the mechanics programmer, I implemented most of the features of the game, while lead programmer Daniel Leaver developed the 3D engines, controls and graphics interface. Learn More




Developed for the PC and Xbox using C# in Unity, Stasis is an action adventure game, where, the player uses the unique ability to hold items in a temporal rift, before altering or repositioning them, to solve puzzles, defeat enemies, and fix a city on the edge of self destruction. Learn More

Mechanics Programmer

I Developed the stasis mechanic, along with controls and other in game features, while lead programmer Matthew built the engine and worked on a lot of the mathematics of trajectories and momentum. Learn More



Oath Keeper: Castle Siege

Developed for the PC using C# in XNA Visual Studio, Castle Siege is a mix between an action RPG and an Real Time Strategy Game. Your goal was to attack a castle defended by AI troops that would attack as your drew near, but you had your own squad that would manoeuvre to protect you and a battle would take place. Learn More

Sole Developer

I Developed almost all of Castle Siege, taking the animations from an older project (NS DI) where lead artist Clarke animated a couple characters for use. The AI was designed to select targets, but respond “defensively” prioritising defending an objective over defeating a particular enemy. The system was a success, but limited by the incomplete elements of the game, as university time restraints forced me to move on. Learn More



Natural Selection VS Divine Intervention (NS DI)

Developed for the PC using C# using XNA Visual Studio, NS DI was a Real Time Strategy game, inspired by childish debates online and the “simplified” nature of Plants vs Zombies as a Tower Defence game. The purpose of NS DI was to create a gateway game into the RTS genre, simplified to the point where you have two sides (Natural Selection, Divine Intervention) and you get to pick one, and use the unique troops and abilities of your chosen force to overwhelm your AI controlled Opponent. Learn More

Sole Programmer

I Developed the engine and artificial intelligence for the project. Even though the original concept was mine, I left the details of that to lead designer Mohammed Masri, while lead artist Clarke Lewis did the art, and I got the rest of the game working. Learn More



Twilight Chronicles

Developed for the PC using Game Makers pre-built engine and some c++, Twilight Chronicles is a turn-based strategy game, using a chessboard style grid for movement and combat. You played as Twilight (aka Yoake Yugata) a Paladin on a quest to find out what happened to his town and his friend, after she was injured during training. Learn More

Sole Developer

I Developed a complicated AI system, in which the enemies would respond to situations (like range, trajectory and health), but with randomised elements to prevent predictability. I built the project myself, including the subpar art assets, the unique gameplay and A.I implemented was a major success. Learn More



R.A.D Unity Games

Rapid Application Development Unity Games, was a series of tests using Unity 5.0 for the first time, experimenting with what was possible, making simple games, some of which even made it onto my website utilizing the Unity Webplayer Learn More

Sole Developer

I used the inbuilt shapes and coded a variety of scenarios using C#, mainly focusing on User Interface and basic input and player controls. I created proximity and onCollision functions and created communication between objects to allow for a variety of events, like scoring, item collecting and text rotation. I then ported them onto the website using the Unity Webplayer, as can be seen below. Learn More