Omar Daniel Morrison

Front-end Developer



R.A.D Games

Rapid Application Development of online mini-games for the sake of honing my skills as a HTML games developer. These games will mostly be very simplified features from larger games, but with enough content to stand up as games in their own right, all coded in HTML5 to run directly off of the website. Learn More

Sole Developer

By building projects at regular intervals, I hope to increase my Java and HTML skills, as well as demonstrate my time management. The games vary to display custom graphics, movement and collision, gravity and scoring, not to mention much much more that it best seen by clicking below. Learn More

Worlds Collide



Creative Genius Website

Developed for Safari and Google Chrome, using a combination of HTML5 and Javascript, along with some php and wordpress, the Creative Genius website is not just about games, but about innovation and expression, expanding into many fields and constantly evolving. Learn More

Sole Developer

I originally built and designed the website just using the wordpress templates, but as I desired to expand my skill set, and overcome the many limitations of the templates, I decided to start implementing it with HTML. I quickly realised that as a newbie, it was easier to build it from scratch first using pure HTML in TextEdit, then incorporate the whole thing into wordpress, rather than change bit by bit on the already running site, hence a completely new website and design. Learn More

Creative Genius Homepage




Developed for basically all online platforms, this is a website I built more recently using the templates from wordpress, then adding my own features to improve on it using HTML. I found this approach was limited as there was often clashes between my code and the original template, but I was able to establish harmony. Learn More

Sole Developer

Wordpress took care of the majority of the features, so I could focus on style and layout, but I hardcoded additional features, such as interactive content on some pages, altered the display and layout from the template, and generally cleaned it up to meet the clients specification more closely. Learn More

KJYoga Homepage



Widgets and Custom Features

Using HTML5 and Javascript, I’ve built some custom features for KJYoga and CreativeGeniusGames, that are also applicable to other sites. The features cover table formats to custom slideshows, and provide a good introduction to other newcomers into HTML5 and Javascript development. Learn More

Sole Developer

I have built custom galleries where the images act as objects, storing descriptions and unique hyperlinks. There are automated slideshows with manual override and navigation, utilising the same techniques as the gallery to store multiple types of information. I have built in images that change and react to mouse movements, changing transparency or triggering events. There are too many to mention here, so you can click below to see for yourself. Learn More

Custom Gallery

I haven’t got a lot of website development on here yet, but to see more of my UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) work in games and app development, check out my other areas of focus on the main Portfolio page.

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