Omar Daniel Morrison

App Developer



Twitter Ticker

Developed for the family of iOS devices using Objective C in Xcode, The Twitter Ticker is a customised Twitter feed display, witch animated windows filled with content from your twitter account, and the option to post from within the app. Learn More

Sole Developer

I built the Twitter Ticker for internal use within the workplace at Somo, for that reason I have only got the assets I built included and not the final version. However I intend to rebuild it using Creative Genius as a template, and potentially expand it from there. Learn More

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Waste Watchers

Developed for the iPhone, using Objective C in Xcode, it is perfectly capable of running on any of the iOS devices, for the purpose of scanning receipts and managing data, to update users when products they have purchased are due to go off. The warnings can be customised, so that they encourage you to use food that will soon go to waste, or remind you to replace food while you are out at convenient locations. Learn More

Sole Programmer

I came up for the idea of Waste Watchers, to utilise ORC (Optical Character Recognition) to process receipts and manage information. I integrated the OCR feature using Tesseract, and added custom alerts along with the interface I built (using the assets generated by my teams artist. Learn More

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Developed for the iPhone using Objective C in Xcode, Nifty is capable of running on most iOS devices, as it uses the fingerprint scanner and some other features only available on the more modern versions. The app was designed to allow easy and secure methods for lending money to friends, or to act as a guarantor when they are borrowing. Learn More

Sole Programmer

As part of my role at Somo, I took all the ideas from a Hack Day to develop for demonstrating both the concept and device functionality. I was not part of the creative process for this app, but built the operational version, including a custom camera, ID scanning using Tesseracts OCR api, finger print security and the general user interface and features that go along with it. Learn More

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My Notes

Developed for the iPad using Objective C in Xcode, My Notes was part of a larger app known as “Games Gallery”. It was designed to act as a digital white board, allowing for custom note taking, along with mechanics for adding visuals and previews for swift review. There is not much limiting the app to just iPad, but the drawing feature would have to be changed or removed if applied to smaller screens. Learn More

Sole Developer

I developed the app for my own convenience, so I built the entire thing myself, putting less effort into the visuals and interface, and focusing more on swift development and functionality. The custom drawing mechanics, repositioning and previews made it ideal for someone who takes lots of notes about different subjects often, but the features I have used for Starlight, and the idea to add a voice recorder would greatly improve it, though developing this idea further is not currently a priority. Learn More