Oath Keeper: Castle Siege


Gameplay Demo



Castle Siege is the 2D test for many of the ideas that will appear in the full game “Oath Keeper”. Leading your A.I controlled squad into the midst of enemy forces to try and capture objectives, utilising and overcoming various war machines and obstacles and showing how much one man can change the flow of a battle, that’s what Oath Keeper is about, and until it’s time, this’ll have to give you the gist of it

Kill Crates

Do what you want while your squad unloads from the war machine; play with the destructible environment, explore the map, don’t worry about coming back, they will come to you wherever you are.

The Assembled Squad


Basic path finding will help keep you squad in formation, though the obstacles on the map can make it tricky for them. Good thing you can destroy the barriers, you team will move around better after that

Barricade Down

Battle Commence

While the enemy will automatically react to you, your squad move quickly to your defence, giving you the freedom of movement to choose who you fight and the best way to move forward

Castle Gate


War Gallery

Creative Gallery

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