HTML Features

An archive of webpage features that are ready to be ported to any HTML5 page

Topic Description Sample
Tables There are a few creative ways to use tables, more often then not is for the layout more than the appearance. Here are a list of table techniques that I have found useful alternate 3rd February, 2016
Form Basic form for filling out details, to be combined with HTML5 Storage or more long-term database storage 3rd February, 2016
Canvas Test A graphics canvas for drawing custom shapes, manipulating the position or displaying of images and great for games development 3rd February, 2016
Slideshow Mechanics The basic slideshow with manual skip and automated play through: Need to work create this page 15th February, 2016
Dynamic Gallery An image gallery using objects, to allow each “slide” to hold multiple pieces of data, like page to link through and descriptive text 3rd February, 2016
Unity Webplayer A test implementing Unity Webplayer into my website for online gaming 3rd February, 2016
Gaming Mechanics Various HTML game related features and mechanics 3rd February, 2016

HTML Minor Mechanics

An archive of smaller features used in very specific scenarios

Topic Description Sample
HTML5 Storage The basis of low value local data storage, for purposes such as high score values and “visit counters” 3rd February, 2016
Mouse Hover Mechanics Manipulating content or triggering events based on mouse position over web content further mouse hover tricks 3rd February, 2016
Mouse Tracking Monitoring the mouses position on the screen, triggering events based on range and trajectory to other objects 3rd February, 2016
Buttons The various ways to use preset and custom buttons 3rd February, 2016
Content Manipulation Using buttons or other events to change onscreen content, including text, images and even the method trigger. Alternative 3rd February, 2016
Page Display Scroll Skipping and content positioning 3rd February, 2016
Text Manipulation Hyperlinking, embedding images, altering text visuals, fonts and sizes, etc 3rd February, 2016
Image Manipulation Display Images, hyperlink them, turn them into buttons, playing with alpha or uniquely position them 3rd February, 2016
Key Input Test Recognizes when keys are hit and triggers specific events 3rd February, 2016

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