Game Mechanics

Hissatsu Design Notes:

Basic Controls

right: D left: A up: W down: S primary: Right Arrow secondary: Left Arrow tertiary: up Arrow quaternary: down Arrow
Run Right Run Left Jump directly Up or in direction moving Crouch – modifier: creep trigger: punch trigger: kick trigger: throw trigger: Mould Ki

Class/Rank System

Rank: Physical: Hand-to-Hand Tree Physical: Weapons Tree Illusion: Mental Tree Illusion: Optical Tree Pure Ki: Manipulation Tree Pure Ki: Application Tree
Maenin Hand-to-hand: Karate Weapons: Projectiles Mental: Sense Optical: Veil Manipulation: Mould/Create Room Application: Full Body Surge
Basic punch, kick and guard/parry Basic projectiles and throw techniques See opponents current Ki, and sense ki fluctuations Lower visibility with a veil of shadow around body, this veil has special interactions with surge, expanding or projecting according to direction Create an territory within yourself that contains a collection of Ki ready for use Release Ki throughout your body, default affect repels foreign ki, increases power output momentarily, generates heat
Gennin Hand-to-hand: footwork Weapons: melee blades Mental: enter Optical: mask Manipulation: infuse Application: vocal channel
run faster with mini dashes, and double tap for phantom step around targets enhance melee damage and range with blades, improved block and parry (larger window of opportunity) mark a target to apply follow up skills, see the last frame of their skills at keypush and never lose visibility create a mask to blend into background, fast moving blurs mask, dashing breaks it, but can act like moulds that can be used to cast weaker versions of ki based skills. You can mask as target, mask self as "self", mask as background/environment (left/right, down, up) channel ki into target or weapon, taking bonus affects based on your affinity project your ki type as raw force at a medium range, from fire breather to shockwave
Chuunin Hand-to-hand: Mauy Thai Weapons: alchemy Mental: hallucinate Optical: apparition Manipulation: synergise Application: Palm pulse
double tap attacks to perform faster, extreme close range skills with higher damage and stun apply poisons to weapons (throw), ointment to activate regen (down), or surgical strikes (attacks) to apply affects based on skill activate while target is marked to create an apparition only they can see, but can't differentiate from real, can interact with, has ki, but doesn't do damage create a mirage that everyone can see, less realistic, can't interact with it, but can be further manipulated like a half room of ki change your affinity to an element in your environment by touching/targeting. Down = earth/water, direction = object or air, up = space project your ki type as raw force at an immediate range using your hands, from shattering walls to hardening water