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Here you will be able to keep up with UK Games developers as their work catches our attention. We'll try to keep a fresh listing of amateur, professional, new and established developer titles on here as much as we can. We'll also through out a mention to events and anything else game related in the UK that deserves some notice. Take a look around and see what's on!   Made In Creative UK: made-in-creative-uk copy This is an initiative to follow and support UK games developers. It made sense to make it the first thing we mention on this page as anyone interested might want to take a look at the official page to find out more about UK developers.   Dare To Be Digital: dare_digital_3spot_300dpi   As an organisation that helped launch Creative Genius, and gave the world it's first glimpse of "Silent Symphony", we believe it deserves special mention here, and is worth following if you are interested in the development of the UK games industry.