Production Plan



Ultimate Goal: - To be a successful Organisation, profitable enough to make it a full time vocation, capable of releasing our own original titles and helping in the construction of indie games on behalf of others. o Bonus: book publishing, movies, TV shows, comics (playtesting arcade) Prerequisite Milestones: - To build an audience who follow and care about our work. o Using online games o Using Game reviews o Using Galleries and short stories - To organise staff into roles, with structure and deadlines. o Set up trelo and website collaboration page o Set up GitHub and source control - Have our own space to work from utilise. o Reliable source of money. o Convenient and agreeable location. Production Plan: - Ultimately: o Console games and online gaming  Oath Keeper  Hissatsu  Halo’s Fantasy - (Bonus): o The Zone gaming console - Intermediary: o Advanced HTML, tablet and portable gaming  Castle Siege  United They Stand  Ns V Di - Main: o Mobile games  Starlight  Da Choppa  Various Apps - Start point: o HTML gaming  Ninja road  R.A.D Games The above is just a rough idea of what we will develop in what order. - Start Point: Html gaming that can be produced by one person at a time, with minimal time and resources. It works towards building our audience, as well as a testing ground for various ideas and mechanics. - Main: These are the low cost projects that will aim to improve team co-ordination and organisation. They are also likely to be our income generators, though it’s unlikely to make a profit off of them, they will help secure our reputation as developers and allow us to move forward. - Intermediary: Once we have successfully made and released games we can review our weak points and start setting more ambitious goals. By this point we should be looking at office space, and releasing competitive games that match our general ethos and ultimate ambition more closely. (Two key things here is to make profit and launch titles). - (Bonus): technically this will come after Ultimate, but is essentially setting up a brand that will produce/develop for smaller groups or individuals, and one day, maybe even develop our own platform. A mobile console alternative would be great. - Ultimate: By this time we should have proper offices and a full team. Only once we are making profits can we undergo such a huge shift, where we begin mainstream development, and consider deals with major publishers. HTML = (8 Weeks) -> 2 Months - Stratos-fear: more reliable collision, enemy mothership with predictive targeting - Beat the Boss: fix animations, add a block, add combat AI with pattern recognition - Candle-light: lighting affect, maze walls, path finding enemy - Hissatsu: Ninja Road, Oath Keeper: Conquest (Stasis goes somewhere around here) Mobile = (4 weeks Star-lite, 6 Weeks Choppa, 8 weeks Apps) -> 5 Months o Star-lite: Intro, tutorial, abilities and prompts o Da Choppa: design & sounds, graphics, controls & prompts, UI o RAD Apps: Sound table, encryption, Pin board, Somo-apps(4) Tablet {online & portable} = (6 Months) ->  Silent Symphony  United They Stand  Ns Di (or Castle Siege, single player Hissatsu) Custom = () -> • Sarah’s game • Contact with Uni • Sound/music game Advanced = (3 Years minimum) -> o Oath Keeper 3D o Hissatsu Online o Halo’s Fantasy (after the main ones and sequels) Milestones: - New Year’s (end of January): Online gaming section. Do it like a campaign, with new features every week, starting from the 1st - Spring 2016 (March): Star-lite - Summer 2016 (August): Starlight in full - Eurogamer 2016: United They Stand demo - Christmas 2016: United They Stand - March 2017: Silent Symphony - Summer 2017: Castle Siege and/or Hissatsu demo - Chistmas 2017: Full development of either