Game Mechanics

Collision Mechanics


Topics Relating: Content Summary Date
Box Collision Basic box collision, using rectangles to determine overlap. Relatively computational but fairly accurate 14th Feb, 2016
Radial Collision Basic Distance based collision, using the radius of the objects to determine whether they overlap 14th Feb, 2016
Point Projection Shapes drawn based on the angle between two points. A special function that can be used for light, reflection, shadow projection and line of sight 14th Feb, 2016
Not Working yet Line of Sight 14th Feb, 2016
Not Working Yet Advanced Line of Sight: Line of sight while taking into account obstacles. Using light overlapping and shadow overlapping 14th Feb, 2016
Not Working Yet Ray casting: Theoretically the Most reliable means to do line of sight, using code similar to slope collision 14th Feb, 2016
Slope Collision Collision with a vector and its affect on a moving object 14th Feb, 2016