Community Management



Task No: Task Heading Duty Content Summary Date Set Status
Task 1 Website Review Daniel => Charlotte & All It’s everyone’s responsibility to keep an eye out on the website, (and other social media), explore it, look around and report anything back worth mentioning. Sometimes It will be broken links and videos that don’t play, sometimes it’s the html or unity games not working on certain platforms, other times it might just be suggested improvements or requests. By sending your thoughts to the above email address it’s less likely to get lost in all my other mail. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 2 Content Management Daniel => Charlotte This mostly refers to the text content (I’ll refer to other content as media). What paragraphs says, how they say it, what they leave out or should be left out and layout. Each public page needs to be reviewed and edited to get the best possible results, and then checked regularly (monthly or so) for even better ways to do things, or outdated content. Comparing to trends on other sites is a good practice, but general user feedback and analytics is probably best. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 3 Online Media Daniel => Charlotte & All Like the content management, this is about checking media regularly, mostly making sure it’s still working, or seeing if a new version of the Starlight promo image or UTS characters are available. It’s also important to check layout and presentation methods, and also checking the links still work, especially after task 4!. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 4 Online Consistency Daniel In addition to making sure the same phrases are used on different pages regarding the same content (Starlight tagline for example), which should be covered within “Content Management” Online consistency is about making sure the images, videos and sources are the same. Mostly, I intend to remove a lot of online content from 3rd party sites, and upload it on one account (Creative Genius Youtube for starters). So every view, click and update is synchronised automatically, instead of having to search different accounts and pages for different versions of the same thing. There are 4/5 different sites with DIFFERENT Starlight promo vids, so I just need to eventually go over them all and clean that up. But that will break the links on some of our pages, hence why I need you all to b vigilant. 20/02/2016 Pending
Task 5 Forums Daniel => Daniel with help from All As the main developer it’s my job to build and implement the Forums, but it’s very complicated, using our own custom ones or 3rd party versions. So whichever we are currently doing, it’ll take input from everyone to make sure the forums are working, reviewing the layout, and monitoring the topics and making sure to highlight anything inappropriate. Eventually managing them will become a Community Managing responsibility, but in these early stages I’ll need you all to help get the forum operating at a satisfactory level. I’ve already implemented one, but it seems like no one has tried to test it for me yet – except Mo back in 2014 when I implemented it the first time 20/02/2016 Pending

Community Management is focussing on Website Maintenance for now, however, like with the associated email address, it can be used for all things relating Community Management, such as our forums, mail, social media, blogs/reviews, etc.

Even though our Community Manager is Charlotte, everyone can help out just by keeping an eye out for website bugs, unanswered messages or outdated content and sending me their findings via the email I set up for it