Master The Chimera

Chimera Crew

Learn techniques through training and combining natural skills The right combinations unlock different moves, but combinations can fail if skill level is low. Hawk: - Take flight/Rise: create a weak aoe melee attack while moving up - Glide: maintain altitude - Dive: powerful melee attack, lands - Flyby: melee range aoe with delayed impact. - Sonic boom: more powerful flyby – instant aoe, delayed ranged aoe - Sonic gust: like dive but aoe ranged attack - Air lift: (after successful gouge without enemy escaping - Claw: - Gouge: grip with claws, dealing varying status affects - Air blast: grip the ground - Peck: - Drill - screech Wolf: - bat hybrid - Bite - Claw/gash - Pound - Pin - Throat clamp - Bark: detection + taunt/challenge - Howl: detection + fear - Tackle/headbut - Growl - Grumble: low pitch growl that vibrates the earth and reveals threats Rock Reed: - Leech: leeches moisture to regenerate - Aqua bullet: after leeching/holding liquid, can shoot a powerful shot - Condensation: ambiently gathers water and restores hp - Photosynthesis: obsorbs light to restore magic/endurance - Guard / brace: - Skash - Punch - Grab - Crush/crunch - Reed spear: - Reed barrier: second healthbar (reeds have separate hp which heal over time) - Reed saw - Tangle - Extraction: Creates a pool around itself from reserves in the ground - Wave: mid to long range, range, scope and force scale with water volume By Water – taps into water supply, low volumes dry out - Funnel: extraction + aqua bullet (aqua vent / sword / spear) o Sword: cuts in a horizontal line o Spear: pieces in a straight line with extreme force o Vent: high volume in a straight line, washing away multiple targets - Spouts / funnels: launches water into the air, producing rain, effective against flying units, and spreading water around. - Water whip/s: - Whirlpool: from underwater – displacement + drown - Sink/submerge: improves absorption and makes damaging hard - Drown: melee range, drag target down - Vortex: displacement - Consume: pressure from multiple directions, long range but less effective drown - Cage / Prison: waves from multiple directions - Tidal Wave: unlike wave which is a wall of water, tidal wave is a canopy that submerges the target from above, effective against flying types. - Ground: stablise through weight manipulation - Crush: Pin + ground GeoRam: Rock headed ram with high base stats - Head-butt: - Charge - Pierce: melee range horn focused strike - Close line: Charge + pieirce - High kick: - Drop kick: after high kick, aims at low targets - Shock-wave: mini earthquake that rattles groups of enemies or allies - Spire/s: Drop Kick + shock-wave sends “earth” protruding upwards - Baa!: long range stun that sends airborne earth flying, and creates a directional shock-wave - Barrage: Baa breaks up spires into smaller projectiles! - Rock-fall: shock-wave causes spires to collapse into an low range multiple hit projectile (good for countering sky attacks) - Back kick: - Brace: increases weight and stability - Metal Coat: Strengthens its tough coat to raise defense and weight but lower mobility and speed - Crushing blow: Drop kick + metal coat - Spires: Metal coat upgrades number of spires created, or makes rock instead of earth constructs - Rock Shell: Baa! + Brace Creates a wall around self, limits follow-up action (works well with Barrage and rock-fall) - Rock Wall: an upgrade of Spire or Rock Shell, it creates a wall of spires, completely separating the field. Good for team matches when enemies set up combos or allies need a rest. - Rock Valley: much harder, it creates two walls of spires that enclose the target and self, limiting mobility to linear movements, and setting up a great rock fall. Georam is a good tank to go with Hawk. He can soak up damage, and using Rock Shell and Spire can limit effectiveness of range skills that would normally hit multiple targets. Also, aoe indiscriminate earth attacks won’t hit flying units. Serval and Caracal. Serval has rounded bat like ears that can rotate and pinpoint enemies by sound alone. Caracal is a more common (southern states and south America as opposed to just Africa) closely related cat with pointed ears. Serval can be a species from another location with sonic magic. Should probably have some lesser animals and subspecies not for fighting, but literally just prey. Caracallus: An armored back wildcat - Rollout - Predator dance: confusing relocation ability that increase speed of next melee skill - Re-enforced Claw - Aerial Assult / Leaping attack - Hiss: fear inducing, attack that reduces enemy defense and agility - Chatter: fear inducing attack that heightens senses and explosive power - Snarl: Can stun or induce hesitation (weaker than hiss or chatter) - Roar: Upgraded Snarl that can stun a target, and chase away low level creatures - Bite - Pounce – strengthened by Predator dance - Inactive Camo – reduces visibility, making precision skills and bonus damage hard to land - Active Camo – reduced visibility that scales with complex terrain, allows for sneak attacks and can completely confuse animals with weaker sight (like horses) - After Image: Active Camo + predator dance, powerful manipulative defense or pre-attack - Heat magic: like heated claws, enhanced illusions, mirage, and temp power boosts. Caracallus is a tactical type beast, that can imitate the stats of powerhouse creatures, and has the diversity to handle different types of opponents (with leaping attacks, long range sound attack and deceptive skills). But the Caracallus is still tactical, meaning it doesn’t have the base damage or defense of powerful creatures, and a false move can be deadly, and it has no effective long range skills or multiple targeting skills for team combat. Primarily it is a duelist solo type hunter, works best with similar creatures that are independent. Note: Wild creatures won’t learn advanced moves, especially the kind that require combinations of other skills, don't underestimate them though, they will occasionally surprise you. Fighting other creatures is a good way to pick up new techniques, especially if you don’t know how to achieve it naturally, seeing it in action is enough to help some beasts imitate it and begin the learning process. - Hiss - warning - Purr – pleasure (or concern) - Meow – Wanting or greeting - Chatter – predatory excitement - Yowl – prolonged meow that suggests worry or longing for something - Snarl/growl - Roar Consider it’s main prey the GeoRam, it has developed a combat style unlike most cats, to deal with this exceptionally tough opponent. It’s jumping attacks helps it deal with airborne prey as well. Bat crossed over with Squirrel: Very nimble tactical creature that can’t stay airborne as long as the hawk or seagull, but doesn’t need to - High jump - Climb: large creatures or terrain - Glide: relocation ability, not the prolonged airborne skill of Hawk - Suspension: Remains static in the air for a short while, very tiring. - Echolocation: Passively detects all nearby creatures - Bite - Tackle - Nimble Dance: unlike predator dance, this is a defense only skill that is good for leading up to other abilities (can upgrade to predator dance) - Scratch - Tail slash: the tail of this creature is covered in sharp hairs that can cut when excited into a rigid form - Screech: paralyzing sonic attack that damages all beasts (more if they have sensitive ears) – good against cats and dogs, can cancel other abilities - Sonic Charge: uses wings to launch itself into target with extreme speed (land or air) - Dash: in land or air, can suddenly accelerate using wings and sonic magic, causing damage at melee range but primarily used to evade - Sonic Burst: Can accelerate with such speed that it damages enemies it passes. Can’t use this as a melee skill without massive recoil damage - Sonic Boom: Sonic Burst + Dash creates a powerful shockwave at target location, but essentially stops movement. Will automatically enter suspension, but will have to land next turn. (Keystone skill). Cross between Anaconda and Scorpion (electric magic): Has rattle instead of stinger, quite long, quite large, eats bats, has legs and pincers for advanced mobility. Low physical defense, physical attacks do mediocre or slow Dot - Slash: - (crab skills) - Both Camo Abilities: - Climb - Slither: high speed movement that evades many precision or ranged attacks - Bind: Effective capture skill, but once it runs out of strength is vulnerable - Bleed: After bind can attack with feet - Hiss: - Rattle: disturbs echolocation and other senses - Fear Mantra: combines hiss and rattle to paralyze and confuse target - Jolt: fills its body with a charge of energy, melee range (enhances mobility) - Discharge: fires lightning at medium range, disperses into a cloud at max range, scales with moisture or after jolt Technically the top predator of the forest, both it’s rivals have detection skills, but the rattle is good for confusing these abilities in direct combat (though it equally ruins stealth attacks) It’s Aoe skills can be aimed, so it won’t accidentally hit allies, unless in water using electric attacks. It’s hard but not impossible to strike flying enemies. It doesn’t have the raw power of the wolf, but it can focus on tactical abilities, it’s diverse range of skills, or it’s melee power to compete against almost any opponent. Seagull: (wind AND water magic). Very powerful creature, not because of stats but strategy. Can draw water from the sky with virtually no limit, making it great when used with other Aquatic creatures. Can attack from long range and medium, while being able to rest on water. Has no effective melee or decent offensive wind skills. Very hard to fight without ranged abilities, but once it lands its defenseless. - Sea funnels: Like spouts but stronger because combined with wind magic - Mist: Gliding over water draws out fog / mist - Fog attack: stealth attack and low visibility skill - Aqua Spear: like sonic boom, but instead of wind, water strikes after delay with great force and spreading water - Float: passively can land on water, out of reach of many enemies - Whirlwind: spreads ambient elements (like dust or mist) around a target location, focusing the effectiveness - Flyby - Glide - Updraft: can suspend glide to last longer (light creatures do this best, flying takes very little effort). - Cry: weak ranged verbal attack (similar to snarl, but does not induce fear) - Make it rain: Once high enough level, can fly really high to bring down rain. This ability has large cooldown, but can be a game changer. Most birds will be lightning, wind or sonic, Seagull is the only aquatic bird, might introduce an ice bird but unlikely. Wolf: power Bat: tactical Snake: diverse Caracallus: tactical Hawk: Diverse/tactical GeoRam: Power Reed: diverse Seagull: tactical Last one… Need an aquatic powerhouse, not too far above local creatures Octopus, seal, platapus… seal Seal: has horn, and octopus tentacles so it can stand on land, low mobility, tough but not particularly strong. Can fight on land, but is deadly in water - All the aquatic skills, but stronger than Rockweed - Can ambiently create powerful water attacks without drain/condensation/rain etc… - Water Canon: turns moisture in air into a powerful burst - Head-butt: - Spinning Head-but: focuses on using legs and horn - Wrap: (similar to bind, but less vulnerable after – good for stalling water skill cooldowns) - Jump - Climb - Drink: absorbs moisture directly into body, useful if against other water dependant creatures with weaker physical abilities, restores a little endurance but allows for powerful water attacks. - Aqua Bullet -> Aqua Cannon: far more powerful thanks to increased size and storage capacity. Increased recoil makes it harder to aim. Town Creatures are stronger base stats (though scale less, so should equal out later) + rare creature - Horse – large, powerful, passive - Cow – large, powerful, aggressive - Boar – medium, aggressive, powerful - Bear – large, powerful, aggressive, boss level