Master The Chimera

Main Concept

Chimera: base, current, top speed (time it takes to transition tiles) weight (essentially a strength stat, that considers knock back, holds and power) User strength so it works better with modifiers hit points (add last, to play with how long it takes to take down) debuffs: fatigue (extreme actions like rise and predator dash quickly weaken due to fatigue) evade / accuracy most of the time these match, and therefore attacks tend to land some attacks will have low accuracy, and will require modifiers to land evade can be an option, where you don't attack but try to dodge, relying on evade stat while attacking, evade stat is "usually" 0 some attacks will include an attempt to evade some modifiers (like predator dash) adds evade to transition (fast atts myt miss) Evade is best when enemy is out of reach or hidden otherwise, evade can be a move like brace, and maybe focus Evade, focus and brace can be commands, outside of abilities, that are based entirely on stats and talents of the Chimera moves like pressure cannon are easy to evade, while air blast has to be braced Evade, focus and brace can also be summoner spell type add ons, in addition to abilities focus increases accuracy and damage, while evade prioritises dodging, but can slow down or weaken the attack. brace slows the attack, but strengthens? Renzusuken style evade bar hit the button at the right time to send evade command, however, chimera reaction time, and obedience level will mean you must give order a little early in pvp, could add a "focus bar" which will perform a special action mid-ability