Master The Chimera


Hawk: - Take flight/Rise: create a weak aoe melee attack while moving up - Glide: maintain altitude - Dive: powerful melee attack, lands - Flyby: melee range aoe with delayed impact. - Sonic boom: more powerful flyby – instant aoe, delayed ranged aoe - Sonic gust: like dive but aoe ranged attack - Air lift: (after successful gouge without enemy escaping - Claw: - Gouge: grip with claws, dealing varying status affects - Air blast: grip the ground - Peck: - Drill - screech Wolf: - bat hybrid - Bite - Claw/gash - Pound - Pin - Throat clamp - Bark: detection + taunt/challenge - Howl: detection + fear - Tackle/headbut - Growl - Grumble: low pitch growl that vibrates the earth and reveals threats Rock Reed: - Leech: leeches moisture to regenerate - Aqua bullet: after leeching/holding liquid, can shoot a powerful shot - Condensation: ambiently gathers water and restores hp - Photosynthesis: obsorbs light to restore magic/endurance - Guard / brace: - Skash - Punch - Grab - Crush/crunch - Reed spear: - Reed barrier: second healthbar (reeds have separate hp which heal over time) - Reed saw - Tangle - Extraction: Creates a pool around itself from reserves in the ground - Wave: mid to long range, range, scope and force scale with water volume By Water – taps into water supply, low volumes dry out - Funnel: extraction + aqua bullet (aqua vent / sword / spear) o Sword: cuts in a horizontal line o Spear: pieces in a straight line with extreme force o Vent: high volume in a straight line, washing away multiple targets - Spouts / funnels: launches water into the air, producing rain, effective against flying units, and spreading water around. - Water whip/s: - Whirlpool: from underwater – displacement + drown - Sink/submerge: improves absorption and makes damaging hard - Drown: melee range, drag target down - Vortex: displacement - Consume: pressure from multiple directions, long range but less effective drown - Cage / Prison: waves from multiple directions - Tidal Wave: unlike wave which is a wall of water, tidal wave is a canopy that submerges the target from above, effective against flying types. - Ground: stablise through weight manipulation - Crush: Pin + ground Abilities have these affects: range modifier: static, advance, retreat, circle/evasive - different abilities move towards or away from target, taking more or less time - others move around or stay still - static less likely to be interupted, but easier to dodge speed modifier: - Different moves affect your current speed, which degrades over time - some moves continue to increase your speed - some will decrease - others platou Damage scaler: - X nSpeed - X nWeight - X nStrength - X nMagic Effective cooldown: - Some moves get stronger with repeated use, but most weaken - you gain less bonus' from repeating each time until impossible - bonus's slowly fall off, unless you do something to use them up Predator dance is very effective at dodging first time, and boosts speed speed falls off slowly if repeated (not completely), and evasive stat goes down Pound has a static modifier, immediately resetting speed, but also the cd of PD pressure cannon uses all current pressure, so can't be used twice in row drain tops up internal pressure, above usual amount, repeat once for max pressure falls off slowly during movements and attacks (can have debuffs especially out of water) Brace (without drain) creates a momentary boost in pressure at max pressure, auto fire? Pressure stacks are unique to size and power of chimera crab has 3 (natural is 1, but that is no pressure, just risidual fluids) after going to zero, will go back to one over time anyway Skygull has 2 stacks elephant has 8 (or more) - reaching max becomes harder though Similarly aerial opponents have a max height stacks too Hedge Wolf Fal-Aero (falcon - aero) Rock crab (reecrock - reed crab rock) Hedge wolf: predator dash - rapidly approach target while dodging, (more effective at range), boosts speed, scales with current speed bite - extreme close range high damage skill pound - knock target to ground, scales with speed howl - increase speed and damage, casts fear Fal-aero: Rise/land - swap between flight and ground (drains energy, but can repeat for more height) abilities will automatically move to match appropriate distance and height gouge - swap between flight and ground while striking at targets face barrier break - (in flight only) wizz passed opponent at high speed to attack with wind air pocket (wind blast) - (scales with flight) fly to close range to hit with wind Rock Crab: leech/Drain - fills with water from ground, or from target at close range pressure cannon - fires water from within (scales with size and water volume) Brace - uses claws and reeds to massively increase defense heavy claw - jumps to attack, has chance to grab (upgrading drain ability) Drain and brace can be done together (potential upgrade) Dive - dives below surface, quickest in water quicker in mud/swap slow in earth impossible in rock combines well with heavy claws' grab Best combos: Hedge wolf: howl, predator dance, pound, bite howl, pound, predator dance, pound predator dance, pound, howl (+ pound increases chance to pin), bite Fal-aero: rise, rise, rise, sound break - safe damage rise, rise, sound break, rise, air pocket - high damage gouge, sound break, rise, air pocket - to counter melee (air pocket can interupt) rise, rise, rise, gourge - for final hit (can interupt) Rock Crab: pressure cannon, leech, heavy claw, leech, pressure cannon (best combo) leech, heavy claw, leech, pressure cannon (when opponent is incoming) heavy claw, leech, pressure cannon, dive (if knocked away), or leech (melee cmbo) dive, leech, leech, heavy claw, pressure cannon (if opponent is far) Dive completely counters rise, because it doesn't drain strength to maintain can be used indefinitely but with smaller than rise cost underwater has time limit underground, but leech resets timer (remember leech limit) Rise evasiveness weakens when repeated, but is still high because of distance it creates less so against other flying types Player Vs Computer Wolf VS Crab predator dash counter pressure cannon howl vs leech pound counter heavy claw bite vs leech (reverse pin - contact leech) predatir dash counter pressure cannon pound counter heavy claw bite vs leech wolf should win Wolf Vs Falaero wait/bite vs rise bite vs rise howl vs rise bite vs sound break (if hit, interupts - not damage though) pound vs gouge bite vs sound break (if hit, interupts) howl vs rise predator dance vs wind blast pound counter gouge bite counter rise wolf wins Crab vs Wolf dive vs predator dash leech vs howl leech vs howl heavy claw vs bite pressure cannon vs predator dance (countered by previous heavy claw) leech counter pound heavy claw vs bite leech vs bite dive vs predator dance pressure cannon vs howl crab "barely" winning Crab vs Falaero dive vs rise leech vs rise leech vs rise heavy claw vs flyby/sound break pressure cannon vs rise leech vs wind blast heavy claw vs gouge leech vs gouge dive vs rise (by now falaero is exhausted and moving much slower) pressure cannon vs sound break crab should have lead Falaero vs wolf rise vs predator dash (note, 1 stack of height won't stop pound) rise vs counters pound sound break vs howl rise vs predator dash rise counters pound wind blast counters howl air gouge counters regular pound rise dodges bite rise counters pound rise vs howl gouge vs howl Falaero wins Falaero vs Crab wind blast counters dive (which is slow on hard terrain) rise counters heavy claw gouge vs leech wind blast vs heavy claw (wind blast is faster) rise vs pressure cannon gouge vs dive heavily dependant on accurate prediction, but Falaero can win transition speed cast time attack speed = (base speed + transition speed) * tile + cast time extreme melee = same tile - bite melee = adjacent tile - wind blast ranged = tile inbetween - pressure cannon base speed (10) top speed (20) Wolf 6 8 Falaero 2-3 18 Rock Crab 5 6 Liger 7 12 Seal 6 14 Falcon definitely has the highest top speed, but usually needs to jump off of high points. Smaller birds like ducks take off faster and sustain well humming bird has very fast take off, but not as much height and sustain Note: some chimera have low base speed (accelleration / take off) but because they have many speed modifiers, they fight like speed types slowest = tortoise = 1 fastest = mouse = 10 human and elephant = 4 dogs = 6 cats = 8 fish = 9 birds = 10 cheetah 0-60mph 3 seconds dogs about 0-70kmp in 30 meters is the sailfish they’ve evolved special tissues that heat up their eyeball nerves so they can process images at "race-car speed and precision." Once fired, the mantis shrimp’s Mjölnir hits home in less than three milliseconds. Translation: You could fit 90 mantis shrimp strikes into the time it takes a human to blink. Weight HP Wolf 60kg 100 strongest (best in most scenarios) Falaero 40kg 60 fastest (best in team or ariel) Rock Crab 25kg 120 toughest (best tank, good for water and land) lightest - bat squirrel heaviest - elephant