Master The Chimera

Alpha Development

add reset function - when gameLoop reaches an incomplete section, reset game first, two objects - add positions and image show their representation on screen add hp to objects show their hp bar add status - ready/pending display status under or beside hp add action array - action has name add action "cancel" - add function cancel add action "wait" - add function wait create an action button - add a sub-menu that comes up when you hit action for each "action" add button with "" wait - change status cancel - close sub-menu (don't change status) Loop - when both objects status = ready, run "fight" (reset) add speed to objects find fastest object (highlight) run "action selected = wait" object status = pending find second fastest object (highlight) run "action selected = wait" object status = pending run "round over" display "action buttons" Complete loop add weight to objects create basic attack - melee with function melee add speed to melee (or time depending on how u look at it) New button "melee" should appear melee function should have same affect as wait (change status) complete loop update melee function current speed = base speed - melee "time" now action melee should also occur after action wait add array of objects of "debuffs" / "afflictions" meleeDebuff - stacks = 1 function - reverse debuff update "round over" for debuffs stacks -- if stacks =< 0 -> reverse debuff current speed = current speed + "time"