Over Powered

Character Ideas

OP the shorthand for a Moba Mo and Daniel came up with called "Over Powered" where the characters are intentionally ridiculously strong. For the sake of different perspective, I tend to think of characters abilities and gameplay in a Moba Scenario, and will refer to that as the OP version Characters: Money bags: - Passive: starts with more gold. Earns a % of his maximum earnings over time. - Q: Feed the poor: gives items to allies or minions - W: Bribery: drops money to the ground, potentially buying enemy minions loyalty - E: Private transport: can order items from the shop, or use to traverse the map very quickly - R: Private security: summons pets that stay with him until killed. Can upgrade them with items Hero: - Passive: - Q: Merciful Strike: weaker damage, but if lands killing blow, restores some of minion/pet/neutral hp and makes them an ally - W: - E: - R: Catastrophe Mage: - Passive: every third aa that is aimed at CM, will redirect if ranged (turning into a skillshot), or return damage if melee - Q: Disassemble: creates a pulse that turns incoming projectiles into aoe neutral damage going away from him. Deals low range knock back and damage - W: Reassemble: can turn matter back into original attack, sending it back at the caster Will also silence even untargetable enemies that are in range Also returns him to normal after chaos mist wherever clicked - E: Chaos mist: becomes intangiable mist doing aoe over large field, but returns to normal in same spot after delay. Can still cast Q or W (reforming is a powerful aoe knock back with damage) Reforming - R: Chaos Time: All incoming damage is stored in a temporal field, then applies all at once as true damage after delay. Stored energy is kept above or around target. The detonation is considered a projectile and therefore can be blocked by Q (but comes from every direction and therefore may not be blocked by Wind Wall or Unbreakable) Puppet Master: - Passive: auto attacks "attach" strings to target, applying glorious strings - Q: Slash: long range cone attack that applies glorious strings - W: Detection network: Sets up string traps that slow and reveal targets, also applies glorious strings, disarm if PM moves too far away - E: Override Command: A neutral or pet hit with strings can be given commands by puppet master (also champions that disconnect, and can be used to move stunned allies) - R: Disconnect: prevents all incoming commands to champion (including summoner spells), champion will have auto response to attacks or return to base until affect ends Can stop commands going through to puppets. name: - Passive: - Q: - W: - E: - R: The Gamer: ultimate: You're It next target hit is "marked" by the "you're it" debuff. this debuff DRASTICALLY reduces attack speed, movement speed, armour and damage. The next target you hit, or hits you becomes it! After 10 seconds whoever is IT takes massive damage (instant death, max hp damage) passive AS buff Bulldog: You release a shockwave that marks the ground X units away from you. You recieve a massive movement speed buff. Enemies hit recieve the "coward" debuff while "cowardice" enemies can't damage you, but recieve a movement buff when running away from you. If enemies reach the mark, you can't damage them, and they are "safe" for x amount of time If you hit enemies while they are "in game" they recieve the "contageous" debuff. They can no longer become "safe" and spread the affect to allies they interact with. When the game ends, they take X magic damage. passive MS buff The floor is lava: Hits the ground to create small mounds in a large area across the ground lava erupts from the edges outwards, dealing high Dot damage to anyone standing in it. The areas on the mounds are "safe" passive AP/AD buff Game changer: Becomes temporarily intangeable, so that he can begin one of his "games" Is rooted throughout the duration grants vision of self Passive: Winning Streak every kill or assist grants bonus gold to everyone involved Every death grants the enemy bonus gold relative to the amount of gold he has distributed to team what's the time mr wolf: deals damage to moving targets in line of sight, can't move or attack Gamers vision is limited to a cone Any enemy caught moving or using an attack/ability inside the cone is stunned, takes massive damage and is knock to the edge of the cone Gamer is rooted during the duration, but can turn to face different directions others: simon says: supress/stun what's the time mr wolf: deals damage to moving targets in line of sight, can't move or attack Cheap Dirty Fighter: Sucker Punch: if outside of vision, instantly dash to a target, hit and stun them Sand in the eyes: blinds in cone for x seconds Low Kick: stuns target hit Play dead: become untargetable for n second babyface: passive: cannot attack, cannot be harmed in any way life experience: interacting with enemies grants exp babyface: stuns cry: reduce defence mourn: reduces death timer for allies baby laugh: charms enemy Mr Mine: barrier: creates an invisbble wall rope: stuns and pulls a target box: creates a perfect shield Prince archibald the 5th of the 9th family, of the yin dynasty: passive: tax credit earns a % of max gold every x seconds passive 2: big pockets, when he dies, he releases his gold in packs cross the floor (anyone can pick up) Feed the poor: powers up minions (grants gold to champs) special delivery: - order items from the shop (without being in range) - deliver an item anywhere on the map - On credit: buy an item using the total amount of money you have earned so far aas credit (disabled until paid off) - Gift: give an ally unit an item) On Credit: personal guard: summons an elite minion who follows you around and attacks on your behalf - can be killed like a normal minion, just has higher damage - can be gifted items, to make into an incredible durable unit - late game they are low champion level Main Character: passive: Boss Battle (Challenger) The strongest nearby enemy becomes the "boss" or "challenged" giving the Main character certain relating buffs If the boss kills the main character, he gains permanent def stats, he also gains exp from being near the boss (in combat) Merciful strike: On hit stun. landing the killing blow on a minion takes half gold and converts it into an ally with half hp A Hero never loses: Auto attacks are augmented by the last champion auto attack that hit you - active: gains a boost in ms after every auto A Hero shows no weakness: Passively build tenacity removes non hard cc, negative buffs, and triggers a health regen (loses tenacity while on cooldown). A Hero never dies: - Passive: Minions and monsters can't kill Main character - Auto: After recieving a fatal wound, the hero will immediately keep fighting, imune to damage from the one that killed them for X time The affect will wear off if they kill their opponent, (landing a final blow will cause 1hp instead of death, next blow wins)