Master The Chimera


Long ago there was a great catastrophe that spilled tremendous magic into a land that saw it only as a myth. 95% of the human population was wiped out, as were most animals too, and what remained struggled to adapt to this new and changing world. While most of the world was struggling to get used to this new concept of magic, there were those that already had a general idea. The seers foresore Catastrophe and prepared for it. Now the world is full of monsters known as Chimera, powerful beasts formed of multiple lifeforms and natural elements, with a high affinity for magic. The Seers used their magic to bind these creatures, but their numbers continued to rapidly rise. Eventually the source of this outbreak of creatures were tracked to a huge island, which was once a landlocked region within a greater continent. The seers set up base there, and attempted to slow down the spread of these creatures, before they wiped out the rest of humanity. But the beasts were too strong for their weak magic, the only way they could move forward was to tame beasts instead of simply bind them, then use the tamed ones to stop the wild ones. Years passed and slowly the Seers took control of the continent, but the method was slow, and it would take many more generations. To maintain the objective of their people, they buried their rules and beliefs into tradition and religion. You can't force or brainwash tamers, they require clear and precise control of their own emotions, they need to choose the path willingly, so they made sport of capturing these creatures, games and competitions, to bring out the strongest tamers to take on the most dangerous of responsibilities, to venture into the wild lands. Originally the entire continent was wild, but the Seer settlements created patches over tame lands. These cultures grew and took back the wild, until eventually only one large patch remained (with smaller "neutral" lands in-between). Those that reach the peak of the Chimera Mastery, learn of the origins of the Seer people, and the purpose of taking the wild lands. It is predicted, that as new creatures are born, new, more powerful Chimera will emerge from the source. In order to stop this, humans must occupy the source, and bind it, to prevent new chimera being born. Despite knowing the approximate location, the wildlands were simply too dangerous, and no one has been able to survive there for more than a couple of days at a time, let alone establish a settlement.