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My Portfolio

Omar Daniel Morrison

My name is (Omar) Daniel Morrison, and I am a programmer and concept designer of games. Most of what I know I taught myself doing projects for Creative Genius and long before then, but I also studied Games development at university which helped me to hone and direct many of my skills. I am heavily passionate about both developing stories and concepts for games as well as figuring out how to create and implement them through programming, so I have divided up this page to focus on these separately.

  Concepts UTS

Though I started making simple games quite young, my first passion was in writing the stories for them more than the development side. Ideas come so naturally to me, and I love the challenge of developing a concept within specific parameters, (like given a certain theme or feature that it must revolve around)

  Artificial Intelligence Maximum Damage

When it comes to programming for games, I am most passionate about Artificial Intelligence. I have numerous theories and ideas on how to implement complex enemies and even more sophisticated allied NPC’s. I think that adequate A.I would solve key issues with modern gaming, when it comes to the difference between solo and online play.

Timothy's Climb

Apart from A.I programming, I mostly program the mechanics and unique features of the games I have worked on. Many have rare, if ever used ideas to implement, and solving the issue of bringing the vision to life is an exciting challenge.


Software Development

(development outside of games, etc)
Silent Symphony Collage

When I first started teaching myself how to program for games, I was advised that the more I could do myself, the less you would rely on others. I took that advice to heart, and even though one person should not make an entire game themselves, understanding all the different elements helps greatly when it comes to working with others, and for that reason I have looked into many areas of games development, from art to music.