Game Mechanics

Creative Development:


Topics Relating: Content Summary Date
Current Game Most updated version of the project 9th May, 2016
Previous Game Last working version of project before recent modifications 19th Jan, 2016
Feature: User Interface including environment, this demo displays user feedback like health bars and score boards, appropriate screen size, background images and scenery 4th April, 2016
Subviews game update and pause mechanics. Control to enter or activate various layered views, like help tips and game over
Character & Game objects game objects (component) and the core objects that inherit the features: the character and how it moves, the boundary boxes and collisions 21st April, 2016
Game Logic: Basic Features Applying game logic to the objects, such as the behaviour and unique interactions of the various gameobjects, like shooting, destroying, bouncing etc 26th April, 2016
Game Play: Integrated UI Combining basic features and game logic with the UI, images and eventually animation 9th May, 2016
Main Mechanics The main gameplay with spawning enemies and full avatar control 9th May, 2016
Objective / Threat AI The objective of the game, the game completed scenario (without the player or other distractions, just the conditions and behaviour). AI and other requirements for the task the player will need to overcome
unique Selling Point Likely to be a table of various gameplay features, this is where unique mechanics are tested before being implemented to complete the game