Ryan was always a quiet boy, he didn’t like to stand out and get attention, a calm walk through the woods, hearing about his fathers work, listening to his brother telling stories, it was the simple life that made him happy, but in a complicated world, the simple life is anything but ideal. In a lawless land where only the most extremely privaliged can sleep easy at night, one small group learn how their own personal vendetta’s could shape the lives of everyone who calls “Torrian” their home.



Map of Torrian, small island off the east coast of Albion

United They Stand is an adventure turn-based strategy game, where the player gets to explore the land of Torrian, through a series of challenges and battles.



Customize your team, choosing to fill it with you favourite characters, or choose to use the ones that work best together!










Strategically place your players around your opponents to deal the Maximum Damage!










And master the best ways to implement the unique skills of each character, to tilt any battle in your favour






 Island of Torrian
  Torrian is a small island off the coast of Albion, divided into three main parts by a huge River

United They Stand Characters



Improved Ryan concept, designed by art director Clarke Lewis


The original story follows Ryan, an Orphan taken in by Noah, an old and well recognised yet retired knight. After losing his father to bandits, his brother to the block, after he insulted the Duke trying to get help to fight of the bandit threat, and becoming distanced from his depressed and abusive mother, he runs away to find a different life, where people don’t know his name or the shame that comes with it










Hannah appears to be Noah’s daughter, but their relationship is never actually explained, all that is known is that she plays the model wife, daughter and maid to Noah. She idolizes him, and seeks his constent approval, always trying to portray the image of a proper lady despite her common appearance, however, when the moon comes out, so does her true personna, it is not the man but the warrior she respects and admires, and though she lacks the bodytype to be a powerful warrior herself, she is a skilled archer, and develops a sister like relationship with Ryan when he turns up, both looking down at him, as well as seeing him as a potential threat and rival





alex concept



Alex is a young boy with a great deal of power in the mystic arts. His mother, Elizabeth, brought him to the small island, home of Ryan and Hannah to escape the witch-hunters of the mainland, but they walked into an ambush, and it took all of her skill to give her son a chance to escape. He immediately runs into Ryan and Hannah, but by the time he explains his story, both his mother and their assailants are long gone. Luck had it that they were on the fence about perusing the same individuals anyway and Alex was the deciding factor, so from this point onwards, the real game begins, and the duo become a trio as they travel towards their common objectives at the end of their quest.