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When the Sun shattered and the pieces fell to the earth, the world was dashed into an endless night. Timothy Brave was just a boy afraid of his own shadow when he made his wish upon that fateful star; mildly asking for a little courage to face the darkness. But that was merely the beginning of his adventure. The star came to him and made a deal, to always light his path and never leave his side, if he can help it gather the fallen fragments of the Sun. So with a boy, a star, and a lot imagination, embark on a journey unlike any other, and see the world from a whole new perspective. Push back the darkness and watch a new friendship grow with a little help from Starlight.


Silent Symphony

Silent Symphony

An emptiness has hit the land of Symphony. Where once there was a variety of colours to express the vitality of the nation, only different shades of grey remain. Where music was not just the soul of the people, but the very magic they used to get by, now there is only hardship and absence. One young apprentice caught in the middle of it all, may just hold the secret to returning the endless creativity, to a Silent Symphony.


United They Stand

Improved Ryan concept, designed by art director Clarke Lewis



One by one, six strangers walking separate paths are brought together by fate, and kept together by duty. Fighting against unthinkable odds, this unlikely group must ignore their differences, and calculate their every move if they are to have any chance at surviving this non-stop battle. Working together, coordinating their movements, take these warriors across the most unruly land in the Kingdom, so that they may stand united for what they believe in. Twisted by fate, guided by destiny, separate they would fall, but United, They Will Stand.