oathkeeper battle march

Co-founder and Lead Artist

“When I’m not working, I’m working!”

Who Am I:

Art Director and cofounder, I am a versatile artist who does 3D modelling, concept and character design. I’m passionate when it comes to my art and my games, so I take them both seriously, which is why I get along so well with the other founders. I have high standards when it comes to art, whether it’s my own or the work of any collaborating artists.


Inspirational Games:

It was really hard to pick just three games that I could say are the most inspirational to me, but I was finally able to narrow it down to Final Fantasy IX, Mirrors Edge and Legacy of Kaine. The list is much longer but those are the ones that stand at the top.


Favourite games:

I’m really into my action adventure games and my RPG’s also MMO’s so my favourites would probably be Devil May Cry V, Warhammer and Dark Souls. There’s a lot of competition right now so this is subject change based on whatever mood I’m in, but those are the ones I pick right now.

I go into more detail on my updates page “Clarke’s Need To Know, if you call yourself a gamer

Creative Ambition:

My dream is to go beyond just great and original games, but to go even further and create the next generation of gaming icons, like Sonic, Mario or modern ones like Snake or Master Chief. I want to create Heroes and Villains that are remembered and repeated in a variety of forms for years to come.


Creative Roles:

Character Concepts for United They Stand










Various Concept Art for Future Work