A little experiment, in which in 5 weeks, 5 mini-games of increasing complexity will be released on this page, mostly using Unity but possibly testing other software too. Stay tuned for some of the random experiments that’ll be appearing


This was a very basic PoC to test the Combat mechanisms envisioned for Silent Symphony. The idea is that when enemies are moving towards you, you can weaken and inevitably defeat them with any colour they are NOT. So pressing blue will cast slow on any non blue enemies, but will increase the hp of blue ones. Red will cast stop, or increase the damage of a Red enemy, Yellow will slow down ranged damage, but will speed up the movement speed of yellow types. As the game grows, more complex colour combinations would arise, and various affects would be applied too. This PoC is just to test and balance the mechanics that will eventually be placed into a full version of the game


The next project on the production line is a starting point for UTS development. It lacks the game mechanics of “The Deleter” so it gets old fast, but it’s a lot more complicated with a combination of features that will come in handy for later development. I could have pushed it further, but I already ran over my deadline a bit, and I have another project to finish this week besides this one

[Note: (there will be a lot of these) I haven’t added the turn control instructions, press “space” to end the walking phase, your attack phase will end after performing a single skill This error has been amended, feel free to test away, but the bug of the first melee sword strike (Q) remains]



This was the first game that introduced Game-like mechanics, avoid being hit by this basic AI, or die trying (Note: originally you were meant to collect the items before getting deleted, but while testing I removed the collision and forgot to add it back in, I have to move on to the next project, but when I go back through them with some maintenance, I’ll add that feature back in with all the new ones)

The Deleter


This was the first of the RAD projects, testing some UI mechanics, like text that faces the player, and scrolling health bar

Test Mechanics


This was the first experiment we launched as a test back in March

This is just an experiment to see whether we can make simple games and let people play them online, if this goes well, we may start putting up previews and beta’s of some of our projects on the website